‘You Can Pull Anything Off’: Alexis Skyy Shows Off New Haircut and Color

Reality star Alexis Skyy has taken her look to a whole new level by cutting off her hair into a bold shortcut and dyeing it ice blond.

“New look 😎 natural hair,” Skyy captioned her video as she was serving face in Brooklyn, New York.

“Love & Hip Hop” reality star Alexis Skyy debuts new blond cut. @AlexisSkyy_Instagram

Over 421,000 views laid eyes on Skyy’s new ‘do, and fans couldn’t help but compliment how good she looked with her new hairstyle.

“I love it; you can pull off anything 😍😍😍.”

“Lex, you BAD in anything🤍 I love the hair color🔥❤️😍.”

“Grown women ish🌹🌹😍.”

“I like that cut and color on you 😍.”


“This the one Lex 😍😍😍😍🔥.”

In 2019, the 26-year-old cut her hair into a short pixie cut and dyed it jet black, which was also a big win with fans. So, short hairstyles aren’t a new thing for Skyy, but her re-do of her short pixie cut and the new hair color has fans swooning for the beauty and fashion influencer.

Her followers also weren’t lying when they said Skyy could rock any hairstyle and color. Just last month, the mother of one debuted a new look of long red tresses that fans loved.

It’s probably safe to say that Skyy being the owner of a beauty salon, Luxe House, plays into why she often changes her own hairstyles.

Now with a “New Year. New Me” attitude, Skyy is elevating not only her hair, but business. On Jan.31, she debuted a new interior for her salon. Skyy also is bringing Luxe House to several places across the nation like Harlem, New York and Atlanta, Georgia.

It seems as though Skyy has learned from her past business mistakes and is taking her role as an entrepreneur more seriously. Kudos to her.

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