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‘Her and Kaavia Need to Link Up’: Tia Mowry Shares the Moment She Knew Her Daughter was Special After Refusing to Smile for This Throwback Photo

Actress Tia Mowry says her daughter’s unbothered mood, which is often captured in photos, is nothing new. In sharing a throwback photo of Cairo as a baby, Mowry says it was in that moment she knew her straight-faced child was something special.

Decked in a pink outfit, a bonnet, with her fist balled up and legs crossed, the little one refused to give her mother a smile.

Tia Mowry shares a throwback photo of the moment she knew her daughter Cairo was a whole mood. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

Mowry gave the backstory to the photo in her caption that reads: “#fbf This was the first photo of #cairo when I knew this girl was special. I had propped her up on a chair and I said #smile. This was what I got.. #cairo is #mood”

People smitten with the little one flooded the photo with comments.

“She ain’t got time for all that.. lol too cute.. ❤️”


Others were just as smitten by Cairo’s baby cheeks, however they still could not resist commenting on the child’s comical demeanor.

“The very definition of unbothered, lol!”

“It’s the crossed legs for me. Cairo came out the womb with no time for anyone’s nonsense.”

“Her and Kaavia need to link up! They both are characters😂😂”

Similarly, actress Gabrielle Union has a never-ending supply of photos and videos of her and husband Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Kaavia. The toddler dubbed “Shady Baby” as an infant is a pro at side-eyeing, being unbothered and unconcerned by her mother’s attempts at catching a smile or sharing a sweet bonding moment.

Even Union has taken notice of Cairo and Kaavia’s similarities.

“Cairo and Kaavia 😂😂😂 one day that playdate will be epic!!,” the actress commented on a photo of a smiling Mowry and a less than thrilled Cairo.

“Them two together would be hilarious with those face expressions they be so over it and unbothered 😂😂.”

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