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‘They Need to Call You’: Fans Say Cyn Santana May Have a Future In Voiceover Acting After She Kills This New TikTok Challenge

With there being no foreseeable end to the pandemic, many people have turned to TikTok for entertainment and to create new content. There is a new TikTok challenge that has begun trending called the “Commercial Voiceover” challenge. Anyone who participates is asked to read four scripts aloud in 50 seconds. The catch is the reader has to make sure to read it in the tone that it says to on the screen.

“Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Cyn Santana’s fans have seen she is a double threat — a singer and a dancer — but it looks like she may have secured the last skill to become a triple threat by taking part in this new challenge.

Cyn Santana
Cyn Santana. (Photo: @cynsantana/Instagram)

In the caption, Santana wrote, “Call me if you need a voice for any personality. I have multiple 🤣.” She went to ask her fans about her performance, writing “how I do????”

Fans gave their nod of approval to Santana’s efforts.

One person said, “Nahhhhhh u ate and left no crumbs,” and another wrote, “I’m dead. You’re so good at this! This is the laugh I needed at this moment.”

Other fans suggested to the Instagram model that maybe she consider this as a real future career. One fan wrote, “No seriously they need to call you 😂😂😂,” and another added, “Nah sis this might be your calling 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😭😭❤️.”

There were a few other viewers that mentioned how her New York accent could be heard while she read the scripts. Someone wrote, “Gurrlll you did that !!but your NY accent lmao manita 👏❤️.”

This is not the first time Santana has done a TikTok video that has made her fans go crazy. The mother of one has multiple videos of her dancing in the kitchen to some moments from Beyoncé’s past concerts while lip-syncing along with Queen Bey. She’s also done the “It’s Tricky” challenge and the “Model Face” challenge.

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