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‘Nobody Wants to See This Bruh’: Fans Aren’t Here for Bow Wow’s Possible Post-Rap Wrestling Career

Fans aren’t too sure about the career change rapper Bow Wow is eyeing, but he’s already stirring up drama in his possible new industry.

The 33-year-old rapper surprised his followers when he revealed in a tweet that he’s considering a career in entertainment wrestling after he eventually drops his final album. “Now i know this might sound crazy… BUT… after i drop my last album,” he shared. “I will focus on tv and film. And joining the @WWE its been a life long childhood dream to wrestle in the WWE!!!!”

Bow Wow is putting his dreams out into the universe. Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram

The “Growing Up Hip-Hop” star went on to tag wrestler Rey Mysterio, born Óscar Gutiérrez, in his next post, as a possible tag team partner, writing, “Me and @reymysterio vs whoever @WWE for the tag team titles…” and also stated that his name would remain Bow Wow if he decides to move forward with the shift.

The rapper also reiterated his aspirations in an Instagram Stories post writing, “After I drop my last album…I want to wrestle in the @WWE. It’s been a dream of mine since a kid! My mother told me there is no limitation to an entertainer… WELL MOM…HOW BOUT WE GO FROM PLATINUM ALBUMS TO A CHAMPIONSHIP BELT.”

After sharing that he’s interested in chasing his childhood dream, the Internet does what it will do, and responses began flooding in, including a few from current WWE entertainers such as Christopher “T-Bar” Dijak, who had plenty to say to the “Let Me Hold You” rapper. “It doesn’t sound crazy,” he tweeted. “It is crazy. Don’t make us destroy you. Also Like Mike sucked. #RETRIBUTION”

Bow Wow shares his future plans. Photo: @smoss/Instagram

Bow Wow, never one to let a comment about him slide, fired back, asking “Are you mad because ill become champ faster than you? Or are you mad that like mike is more legendary than you will ever be? DROPS MIC.”

The back and forth continued with T-Bar throwing private jet shade at the “Take Ya Home” rapper, who responded calling the wrestler a “BANE stand in.”

WWE wrestler T-Bar has some words for Bow Wow. Photo: @smoss/Instagram

Fans appeared to be largely opposed to Bow Wow trading in his mic for a spandex costume.

“Nice dream but for someone who has no in ring training or experience, I think it may be a bit to late for you.”

“You’re almost 35 and still don’t know what you wanna do lol.”

“Sorry Mr. Wow. But you’re way to small to play in that game! Stick to what you know. Acting and singing! Wrestling isn’t for you my friend!”

“Nobody wants to see this bruh”

“This is a Like Mike sequel I did not know I needed.”

WWE wrestler Ricochet also stepped into the ring to challenge Bow Wow, so it appears that if he really does want to shift career gears, the opponents are already beginning to line up.

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