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‘All I Hear Is ‘Baby Boy!’: B. Simone Seemingly Has a New NFL Player Boyfriend, Fans Are Happy for Her

B. Simone has jokingly declared her love for rapper DaBaby in the past, and she has also played the role of girlfriend in skits with fellow comedians like Desi Banks. But this time it looks like Simone may have finally got her “BOYYYYFRIEND,” a term she has often used in her funny social media videos which also became a part of the name of her Zeus Network dating show called “You’re My Boooyfriend.”

Pictures surfaced on the internet on Feb. 11 of the comedian and Chris Smith, who plays defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, celebrating Smith’s birthday. Although there were not a lot of pictures of the venue or the two of them together, there were a few that suggested the two are an item. Setting what appeared to be an all-black theme, Smith and Simone stood together in a boomerang with Simone wearing a black dress and heels and Smith keeping it casual with a black shirt, black jacket, black pants, and black shoes.

B. Simone (left) and her rumored boo Chris Smith (right). (Photos: @bsimone/Instagram, @98chrissmith/Instagram)

Although both uploaded pictures of the party — which was not necessarily held on the same day as his actual birthday, Feb. 11 — they opted out of posting pictures that would make it obvious that they were together. B. Simone did not upload any pictures of him from the night, however, he posted a photo that showed him hugging one of his guy friends as Simone stood smiling in the background. But what gave it away that the two are possibly romantically involved was the picture decor set up in the back. There were at least three different black-and-white photos in the background of the two of them all up on each other.

To top it off, in B. Simone’s Instagram Story she reveals that she is currently in Mexico, and about an hour later Smith uploaded a photo to his IG Story of a sign that reads “Xunaan-Ha” which appears to be a tourist destination in Mexico.

Fans showed their support for Simone’s apparent new relationship. Using her lingo, one person said, “All I hear is “Baby boy!!!!!” Lmaooo.” Someone else wrote, “BABYGIRLLLL, secured the bag😭.”

Since becoming a celebrity B. Simone has not been romantically linked to anyone, but fans who follow her know she likes to joke about being on a search for a man. Last year was a rough one for Simone. She was first “canceled” by the Black community for her statements trying to justify her silence following George Floyd’s death at the hands of police. Weeks later, she was accused of plagiarism after people noticed her manifestation book was similar to that of a blogger’s book. But another big reason the 30-year-old was dragged was she claimed she would not date a man with a typical 9-to-5 job. She explained, “Ain’t nothing wrong with a n—a with a 9-to-5. I get it, they work hard. You work, you got money. I get that.”

B. Simone (left) and Chris Smith (back to camera, hugging a friend) in a room festooned with black-and-white photos of the two of them together. (Photo: @98chrissmith/Instagram)

But as for Simone, she said, “I need an entrepreneur. I need someone who understands my mindset. It has nothing to do with money, everything to do with lifestyle.” Fans were not pleased with her statement, and many said she needed to humble herself.

In 2019 Smith, tragically lost his girlfriend and the mother to one of his three children after she was struck by a vehicle. Smith and his girlfriend at the time, Petara Cordero, were headed home when one of their tires blew and they hit a median wall. As they were surveilling the damage, another vehicle passing by hit and killed Cordero.

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