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‘The Way U Chewed This Look TF Up’: Malaysia Pargo’s Fans Rave Over Her Mesmerizing New Look In a Red Dress

Malaysia Pargo’s latest new look entranced millions of the “Basketball Wives” star’s fans on Feb. 7 after she uploaded a snapshot of herself wearing a form-fitting red dress with a high slit. 

Pargo, who also debuted lighter tresses, accessorized the ensemble with a full face, jewelry pieces, including dangle earrings, a watch, and black heels. The reality star felt quite magical when she captioned the image, “Look for the magic in every moment. Like Now 🌬✨.” Droves of followers rejoiced over the star’s glam look. 

Malaysia Pargo. @malaysiainthecity/Instagram

“Lady in red 😍 ♥.”

“Wow…. Leaves me breathless 😍😍😍.”

“It’s the red for me 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.”

“The way u chewed this look tf up😍😍😍😍😍.”

One fan responded to Pargo’s caption and complimented the star’s photo. “Well it’s some magic in this picture for sure 🔥.”

malaysia pargo
Malaysia Pargo as a young girl (left) and today (right). @malaysiainthecity/Instagram

As fans were agape over the reality star’s dress, others decided that Pargo appeared visibly lighter in the photo. One expressed how they loved the mother of three’s natural tone and didn’t understand why she supposedly did anything to alter it.  

“Dark skin Malaysia was my fave because I thought she was beautiful and comfortable in her skin, guess not this skin bleaching is out of control what do you tell your kids??”

Another Instagram user asked the “BBW” star if she bleached her skin when noticing a difference between her previous tone, “Have u done some bleaching to ur skin if so bad judgment girl God made u a certain color for a reason accept his work.”

Professional Nigerian athlete and “BBW” alum Ogom “OG” Chijindu challenged her co-star’s complexion last year during the season 8 reunion special when discussing colorism on the set. 

Chijindu said, “I don’t even know what complexion you used to be.What complexion did you used to be, Malaysia? What complexion did you use to be before you bleached?”

Pargo immediately disputed those claims and pointed to them as an example of why the remaining cast members don’t like Chijindu. “We don’t like you because you be doing some bulls–t.”

The 40-year-old went as far as to post a then-and-now side-by-side photo collage of herself on her official Instagram page to showcase her skin tone. She captioned the post, “Baby M vs. grown-up M” with a rolling eye and shrug emoji.

Since then, Pargo has yet to make any additional comments regarding the bleaching topic. 

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