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‘The Category Is Bodyyy’: Fans Swoon Over Michelle Williams’ Light Gym Attire Flex

Destiny’s Child group member Michelle Williams is not losing sight of her intentions for the new year, and that includes working on her physique.

The singer posted a photo to Instagram showing her slim and toned figure in athletic gear. She captioned the photo: “Don’t see what I want to see right now but that doesn’t mean I stop working for it!”

Michelle Williams is putting in the work to achieve the physique she desires. (Photo: @michellewilliams/Instagram)

Fans who adore the singer flooded her with comments complimenting her physique.

“The category is BODYYY”

“The abs always been 🔥 though”

“OMG my belle!! We can’t handle it 😍❤️”

“Okay Tenitra we see you SNATCHED TO THE GAWDS”

While some on social media may be confused as to how much more perfect Williams’ body can be, the singer has been outspoken about fitness also doing good for her body on the inside.

After dealing with a public breakup from her ex-fiancé Chad Johnson in 2018, she found herself struggling with her mental health. Aside from taking a break from the hustle and bustle of her schedule, Williams poured into herself by using exercise to uplift her spirits.

“I know there will be at least one comment that says ‘Michelle, you’re slim so you don’t need to work out,’” wrote Williams on a photo posted to IG in 2019. She went on to explain looking in the mirror after a workout is more than skin deep.

“I actually work out because of how I feel afterwards. Yes, the physical results I see in the mirror are cool but the place I was in mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally in December is different from where I am today!”

Since then, the 41-year-old has made it a point to share some of her workouts and words of encouragement to her following. Her supporters are more than willing to return the favor.

“I see a survivor 💪🏽”

“you look great michelle ! ❤️”

“We see beauty outside and inside ❤️”

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