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‘I Want My Shirt Back’: Tyrese Derails His Wife Samantha’s IG Post By Requesting That She Return His Shirt

“Signs of Love Makin'” crooner Tyrese caught a case of the post and delete after sliding into his estranged wife Samantha Lee Gibson’s Instagram comments.

Aside from coordinated announcements of their looming divorce posted to IG, it seems neither Samantha nor Tyrese have publicly commented on each other’s social accounts in months. So, it may have come as a surprise when people noticed he’d commented “I want my shirt back…” under a selfie Samantha posted.

Tyrese got more than he bargained for when he stepped into his estranged wife’s Instagram comments. (Photo: @lovesamanthalee/Instagram)

Multiple people responded to Tyrese saying:

“That is [not] something you say on social, could you not have called her #toxic”

“😂😂😂 she shouldn’t be wearing your shirt if she don’t want you, huh???”

“Don’t return anything I also wear my husband’s clothes ❤️ rs”

“Really??!!?? Buy another one…bye boy bye!!”

Making the commenting situation that much more surprising was Samantha’s response.

While it may have been easy for some to question Tyrese’s comment and intentions, some found the situation to be light-hearted and a sign of the former couple’s relationship being in a decent place.

“It seems The Gibson’s are in a great space and they can joke around”

“Praying for your marriage 🙏”

Some even dropped in words of encouragement for the singer to fight for his marriage.

“@tyrese Don’t ever let that go!!! No matter what it takes.”

Even Tyrese himself has publicly stated the he intends to get his wife back in a comment meant to celebrate Kirk Franklin and his wife’s 25th wedding anniversary. While the native of the Watts area in southern Los Angeles hasn’t divulged details of the split, he has made one thing clear recently: His plans of making Atlanta his permanent home.

For years the “Fast & Furious” franchise actor has called Los Angeles home, but it seems he is now having a change of heart. “Sadly I’m going to have to sell soon….. I’m so in love with Atlanta,” wrote Tyrese on an IG video showing off his LA home’s backyard.

The multimillion dollar home boasts a Starbucks, hibachi-style restaurant, night club, pool and salon.

“With this level of people [celebrities], they can’t necessarily go to public restaurants in L.A. You can’t eat a piece of salmon with mashed potatoes in a restaurant without feeling like somebody’s filming,” explained Tyrese of the city-like vibe in his backyard. “So that became the motivation to create this world in my backyard where people could finally feel like they could be around girls and vibe and music and energy,” he told PEOPLE in March 2017.

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