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‘Cutie with the Booty’: Alexis Skyy Is Living Her Best Life as She Flaunts Cakes on Tropical Beach, and She Has Her Fans’ Full Attention

Alexis Skyy has started traveling again and has actually headed back to her roots. Skyy grew up in New York, but her parents are of Jamaican and Dominican descent, and she is currently vacationing in Jamaica enjoying the beautiful island and the water.

For the last four days, she has been flooding her followers with sexy Instagram videos and pictures wearing various beautiful swimsuit attire. In her most recent video, uploaded on Tuesday, Feb. 9, Skyy puts her balance to the test. Standing on a wooden swing, the mother of one uses her body to thrust the swing back and forth. On the last swing, it sounds like Skyy says “hold up” after possibly almost losing her balance.

Alexis Skyy (Photo: @alexisskyy_/Instagram)

The camera person is recording behind Skyy, giving fans a full view of her backside. Using lyrics from Texas disc jockey DJ Chose’s song “Thick” for her caption, she wrote, “Causeee sheee thickkkkkk😛.”

One fan responded, “Gods gift to earth ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” referring to her voluptuous curves.

Pointing out the tattoo on Skyy’s right butt cheek, another follower said, “Damn I thought that BUTTERFLY WAS MOVING 😍😮,” and someone else called her a “cutie with a booty.”

But other fans were not so impressed with Skyy’s body. Someone wrote, “🥴why the legs so skinny an the butt big 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

Another person mocked Skyy’s caption, writing, “It’s fake fa fa fa fake.”

The former “Love and Hip Hop” star has yet to reveal whether she has gotten her derriere surgically enhanced, but she has admitted to getting her breasts done. Last year, she uploaded a photo of herself with a caption saying she would “get lipo” if she gained any more weight. She deleted the photo after fans accused her of already having done liposuction. But Skyy insisted later on in her Instagram Story that she “never had lipo! I want to get it though. I’m just scared. The pain I had from my breast was so painful.”

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