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‘You Inspired Every Little Black Girl to Dream’: Brandy’s Iconic Portrayal of Cinderella to Stream on Disney+

The Disney+ streaming service is making big moves during Black History Month by adding its live version of “Cinderella” to the platform on Feb. 12. The TV movie premiered in 1997, featuring singers Brandy and Whitney Houston, as well as comedian Whoopi Goldberg.

Brandy, who was 18 at the time, made history as the first Black woman to portray Cinderella. Houston, the singer’s longtime mentor, carried the role of her fairy godmother.

Brandy (left, with Whitney Houston) made history in 1997 as the first Black woman to portray Disney’s Cinderella. (Photo: @brandy/Instagram)

For more than 20 years the film has been revered as ahead of its time.

“Cinderella was effortlessly, even unintentionally, progressive. It conjured a world that was vibrant and modern and multicultural, and it filled that world with magic,” wrote ELLE in 2017.

During a Feb. 4 interview with “The View,” Brandy said it was amazing to see so many fans push for the films re-relase.

“I’m so excited that ‘Cinderella’ has a home now at Disney plus, and we can celebrate, and share, and inspire a whole new generation,” said the ever-celebrated singer. “We can celebrate and share and inspire a whole new generation to see this wonderful piece,” she added.

Reacting to the announcement, people across social shared lyrics from the film’s song “Impossible” and shared what the film meant to them as a child.

“You inspired every little black girl to dream a little bigger with this one! So happy to show my baby the possibilities!”

“CANT WAIT. THE FIRST BLACK CINDERELLA 😩❤️🔥 one of my favs. This is truly LEGENDARY @brandy”

“This is and always will be my favorite movie. I still sing the songs. It was such a pivotal part of my childhood!”

Other fans reiterated the significance Brandy’s portrayal of Cinderella had on Black culture and actresses blazing a trail of firsts for themselves.

“We love to see it. Iconic. #ForTheCulture 😍😍😍🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾”

“Brandy walked so Halle could swim mermaid,” wrote one person acknowledging Halle Bailey’s upcoming portrayal as the lead character in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” remake.

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