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‘Mommy & Daddy’s Little Helper’: Fans Gush Over Remy Ma and Papoose’s Two-Year-Old Daughter Cleaning Around the House

Papoose’s daughter Reminisce Mackenzie captured many hearts on Jan. 21 after the rapper uploaded a recording of the toddler putting away miscellaneous items. The 2-year-old, shared with Remy Ma, was also seen stacking and adjusting the bins before carrying them away.

Papoose bragged about his daughter’s accomplishment on his Instagram page, “My baby just turned 2 in December! And she’s already helping out around the house! Lol, #thegoldenchild 🙏🏽.”He also shouted out Keyshia Cole and Ashanti as they participated in the “Verzuz” battle that blared in the video’s background.”My sis @keyshiacole& @ashanti@verzuztv playing in the background.  #mansionlife#blacklove@reminiscemackenzie@remyma 🙏🏽.”

Fans raved over the tot’s cleaning abilities.

Papoose uploads new video of daughter cleaning up. Photo:@papoosepapoose/Instagram

“The fact that she aligned those boxes up and made sure they where all straight before taking it is beyond me 😩😂.”

“When she straightened it out to assure it wouldn’t tip over was epic!”

“She’s smart! She measure the shift in balance by pushing the second to last container further out so she could slightly tilt It… that babies a genius 🧠.”

“Awwwww Mommy & Daddy’s little helper 😍😍.”

“She been here before! u saw that forehead balance !!!!! only an experience 1 trip person can do dat🤣.”

Papoose spending quality time with family Photo:@papoosepaposse/Instagram

While others doted on Mackenzie’s mobility skills, some mentioned she is living up to her nickname “The Golden Child.”

One wrote how great the toddler is. “This child is actually amazing. The title “golden child” is the correct term for her ✊🏿🖤💯👑.”

“Major Baby Skills !! Wow !! Golden Child …”

Another said, “The Golden Child👏🏾😌its the look of determination for me😆.”

An Instagram user expressed how intelligent she is. “Omg!! So smart she is definitely living up to her name The Golden child.. much blessings to your family 💛💛💛💛.”

In the past, Mackenzie has previously showcased she is ahead of her time. Last year, Remy revealed her tot was incredibly tech savvy after she sent selfies and videos of herself to the “All the Way Up” rapper’s contact list. She said on her Instagram story, “Anybody that got a ‘selfie’ or a video of The Golden Child yesterday… she PERSONALLY sent that when she was supposed to be watching ELMO My 1-year-old is too savvy with this phone.”

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