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‘Every 6 Months I Gotta Explain Myself’: Cardi B Reveals Family Pics to Defend Her Afro-Latina Roots as She Gets Compared to DaniLeigh Amid ‘Yellow Bone’ Controversy

Earlier this week, rapper Cardi B found herself defending her Afro-Latina heritage after being pulled into an online discussion about race and colorism. 

The “WAP” rapper’s insertion into the topic was seemingly brought on by the commotion caused by singer-rapper DaniLeigh and her latest track, “Yellow Bone.” As previously reported, Dani was slammed by critics on social media after they accused her of glorifying colorism in her music and questioned her Black roots. The Miami native has since apologized, but her apology only garnered more anger from fans. 

Cardi B Photo: @iamcardib/Instagram

Cardi — born to Dominican and Trinidadian parents — has faced backlash in the past for failing to acknowledge both sides equally, although she has publicly identified herself as Afro-Latina.  

On Monday, Jan. 25, the rapper’s heritage was brought into question, yet again, after people began comparing her to Dani, who also has Dominican parents. Cardi flooded the timeline with various photos of her family members, many of which were of darker skin tone. The Grammy Award winner expressed that “every 6 months I gotta explain myself cause people can’t research.”

“This whole conversation started because Everytime somebody is in hot water ya bring my name up,” Cardi wrote. “Always no matter what! Icould be dead and I wake up to tweets like ‘but cardi’ ‘but why cardi’ even if it GOT NOTHIN TO DO WIT ME! Like Deum when ya going to stop ? I’m the escape goat.”

Cardi also included a video in which she said she was half-Spanish and admitted that she was unaware of the proper terminology back then. “Back then I didn’t really used the right terms .I haven’t always been super woke lmaaaoooo,” she explained. “I should have said half Hispanic cause me saying I’m Spanish don’t make sense cause is a language.As we get older we learn the terms better.”

After Cardi had seemingly had enough of the backlash, she ended her rant saying, “At the end of the day I’m a Caucasian british woman from Czech Republic mix with Irish☘️THERE YOU HAVE IT ! Now let’s have a nice day☺️.”

She later told her critics to “It’s time for ya to pick up a book. Your ignorance at this point is a Choice .” She added, “Learn my countries history before ya type on this app.”

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