Trey Songz Released from Detention Center After Altercation with Police at AFC Championship Game, Witnesses Say Cop Was In the Wrong

Singer Trey Songz was arrested in Kansas City, Missouri, during an NFL conference championship game on Sunday, Jan. 24, following an altercation with a police officer, the Kansas City Star reported. 

Trey, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, was removed from the stands at Arrowhead Stadium and arrested Sunday evening after he allegedly punched a Kansas City police officer and put the officer in a headlock during the Kansas City Chiefs’ 38-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship. 

Trey Songz Photo: @treysongz/Instagram

John P. O’Connor, an attorney for Trey, told the news outlet that the singer was released from the Jackson County Detention Center in downtown Kansas City Monday morning. O’Connor declined to comment further until getting a chance to talk with prosecutors, he said. 

The Kansas City Police department released a statement, giving some insight as to what took place. The press release stated that fans were complaining during the game Sunday about a man who was not wearing a mask and was not following the “Arrowhead fans’ code of conduct” — apparently referring to Trey as the man — or the “mandates of the Kansas City Missouri Health Department.”

Fans, the statement continued, asked private security to address the issue. The man, whom police did not initially identify, “was not receptive and refused to comply with Arrowhead security.” The statement continued, “Security then asked him to leave. He refused to leave. At that point, they requested law enforcement assistance in ejecting him from the stadium. Officers advised the man that if he did not leave, he would be arrested for trespassing.”

The statement goes on to read that Trey still refused to comply and was told that he was under arrest. “The man then punched a police officer and put him in a headlock,” it continued. “Other officers then came to the scene and were able to get the man into custody without further incident. He was arrested and booked at the Jackson County Jail.”

A witness to the incident gave TMZ a slightly different account. The witness claimed that the altercation unfolded when the R&B crooner was heckled by fans sitting a few rows behind. The 36-year-old asked the group to stop, and that’s when the witness says police approached Trey, and, without warning, attacked him. They also alleged that Trey was caught off guard when the officer started to get physical and that the star was mainly trying to defend himself.

In a video clip obtained by TMZ, Trey and the officer were seen struggling with each other. The “Chi Chi” singer allegedly punched the officer in the head before putting him into a headlock. The officer then pins Trey to a seat in the stands.

Game attendees were heard shouting at the officer, telling him to get off Trey, while others requested that the officer be arrested. Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forté said no criminal charges were filed and the investigation remains ongoing.

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