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‘Her Knees Said Not Today’: Rapper Mulatto’s ‘Junebug’ Challenge Derails When Fans Claim She’s Doing the Dance Wrong

Rapper Mulatto is the latest celebrity to participate in the “Junebug” challenge made famous with the help of Jacksonville rapper SpotEmGottem’s latest release, “Beat Box.” The “He Say She Say” rapper took to TikTok to create her version of the challenge while dressed in a strapless burlesque-style red leotard. 

Mulatto came from a shower and danced in front of a bathroom mirror while squatting in heels. While the Columbus, Ohio, native seemed to be enjoying herself, many fans who viewed the video jokingly expressed that Mulatto was looking like she was in pain while doing her squat for the dance move. 

Rapper Mulatto participating in the viral “Junebug” challenge. @theshaderoom/Instagram

“Her knees said ight Imma head out ✌️🏾😭.”

“😂😂😂😂 I know her knees hurt.”

“Her knees said not today.”

“You a Lil stiff bae.”

“Didn’t give what it was supposed too 😕.” 

One social media commentator implied that Mulatto didn’t know what she was doing. “I wished everybody stop doing this dumb dance the wrong way.” 

There’s an actual tutorial on how to do the #JuneBugChallenge on Twitter by social media personality and digital creator @Juneelite. He goes by the name Junebug, hence the name of the dance and challenge, and is based in Los Angeles. 

He created the first challenge video on Dec. 23 and uploaded the footage to Instagram and TikTok, getting a little over 329,000 likes, 3.2 million plays, and 34,000 shares within a month.

The dance is a more hyped-up version of the “Shmoney Dance” that originated in 2014 from Rowdy Rebbel and Bobby Shmurda in Shmurda’s hit record music video “Hot N—a.”

The challenge includes participants doing the Junebug walk in various locations and then editing the clips together for one long video to upload, usually to TikTok or Instagram.

Other celebrities who have participated include rapper Saweetie and NBA player LeBron James. 

As for Mulatto, regardless if she did the dance the right way, fans were still in awe of her dazzling fashion choice and praised her for looking cute despite her dance moves. 

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