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‘It’s the Thickness Fa Me!!!!’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Charmaine Bey Blows Fans Away with Her Bodacious Take on the ‘Buss It’ Challenge

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Charmaine Bey was recently trying to promote her friend BG the DJ by grabbing the attention of her Instagram followers with her take on the “Buss It” challenge. However, all the notice ended up on her. 

Like many who have taken a stab at the latest TikTok trend, the reality star started off her clip with a makeup-free face, checking herself out in the camera. The star was rocking a silk maroon nightgown, and as many pointed out in the comments section, with several of her faux nails missing.

Charmaine Bey. Photo: @charmaine / Instagram

As soon as the beat dropped, Charmaine transformed, this time wearing a soft glam makeup look. The 30-year-old sported a sheer floral-patterned long-sleeve two-piece, and she also rocked a pair of bright yellow headphones, all while revealing a logo of herself and her new gig as the host of “Inside The Midday with Charmaine Bey” for iHeartMedia Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI radio station.

The reality star also gave a little shoutout to singer Queen Naija, telling her, “My knees don’t work either sis 🤣.” The YouTuber-turned-singer was recently roasted on social media after a seemingly failed attempt at the challenge. 

The clip garnered over 22,000 likes from fans cheering Charmaine on for both the challenge and her new job, including one user who wrote, “🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 It’s the thickness fa me!!!! Body ody ody 🔥🔥🔥.”

Another fan wrote, “Yes more blessings of abundance and love Queen keep growing and glowing ❤️💫💫.” Someone else commented, “Put on for the thick girls 💕.”

Other users jokingly compared the reality star to the character Felisha from the ’90s cult classic movie “Friday.” Like Charmaine, Felicia wore a maroon top and had her hair in a similar style. “Girl in the first clip you look like Felicia off Friday💯😂!!” a keen-eyed observer said. “You look good Mama😍.”

Another person wrote, “But why did have to look like falesha from Friday at first 😂😂.”

Charmaine’s transformation has not been limited to the “Buss It” challenge. The reality star has been committed to eating healthier and working out more. She’s also been sharing her updates with supporters online. Last year she jokingly told fans she hopes to looks like Reginae Carter.

“I’m just saying between my trainer and my peloton I hope I look like @colormenae come February 🤣❤️😓 ,” she wrote. “Ima just stay motivated lol!”

Charmaine Bey. @charmainebey/Instagram

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