‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Charmaine Bey Updates Fans on Fitness Journey, Says She ‘Hopes to Look like Reginae Carter’ Soon

Being a new mom is tough, and with the added pressures of looking like your old self, the urge to give up can sometimes be very real. However, Charmaine Bey doesn’t appear to be taking that option anytime soon. 

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, the “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star took to her Instagram account with a clip of her working out as she shared a funny little message with her over 900,000 followers. “My trainer @trainwithmarissa put me to work 😤 ,” the reality star captioned a clip of her doing various workout routines. She jokingly added, “I’m just saying between my trainer and my peloton I hope I look like @colormenae come February 🤣❤️😓 ima just stay motivated lol!”

Charmaine Walker
Charmaine Walker and her daughter Nola Bey. @charmainebey/Instagram

Charmaine’s hilarious post about wanting to look like reality star Reginae Carter garnered over 12,200 likes from fans. While many found the caption humorous, they also felt inspired by the reality star’s transparency following her becoming a new mother. 

Unfortunately, Charmaine later restricted the comments section after trolls began leaving tasteless comments, but that didn’t stop her other supporters from expressing their happiness for the reality star as they encouraged her to keep pursuing her fitness goals. 

Reginae Carter. Photo: @toyajohnson/Instagram

One user wrote, “You can do it !! I’m battling this weight loss journey too keep motivated stay positive I know you can do it.” Another fan commented, “Try a pescatarian keto diet! Keto has worked wonders for me.” They added, “Lost 50lbs in 6 months! You got it boo.”

A third user wrote, “I’m so happy your getting your bounce back the natural way although you look great for a new mom 💕.” “@charmainebey …One day at a time. Keep on pushing, you’re doing great😊,” a fourth wrote. 

In October, the 30 year old spoke candidly on her motherhood journey via an Instagram post, saying that while she wasn’t one of those “hot IG models working out,” she was, in fact, a new mother who thought she had everything “down packed.” She revealed that she built a gym in her home during quarantine, thinking it would fix her issue, but it didn’t. Instead, she hired a personal trainer to assist her. The reality star concluded her post stating, “I’m encouraging all moms in my position to figure out what works best for you but remember to put your health first ❤️ #firsttimemom.”

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