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‘She Is the Fountain of Youth’: Mary J. Blige Goes Halfway Topless In New Instagram Photo

Her birthday may be over, but Mary J. Blige is not done blessing her fans with pictures from her birthday photo shoot. After hitting fans with three jaw-dropping photos back to back, on Jan. 11 for her birthday, the “Queen of Hip Hop Soul” is back with another banger.
In the Jan. 14 Instagram photo, Blige is on a beach shore standing straight in a frequently used pose with her hand on her hip. However, she looks so amazing that she really does not have to do much. Her hair, styled in the long bleach blond braids, is put in a half-up-and-half- down hairdo. She wore a simple black one-shoulder wrap that only covers one of her breasts, while she held the other in her hand.

Mary J. Blige (Photo: @therealmaryjblige/Instagram)

Addressing her fans and loved ones, she wrote, “I have to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of love sent my way for this milestone birthday. Words can’t really express how much I appreciate you ALL! May God continue to protect you and yours, and bless you with all your wants, needs, and desires. Love forever——MJB 📸 @robertector.”

Still mind blown that the “Just Fine” singer is 50 years old, fans reminded her that she looks nowhere near that age.

“She is the fountain of youth 😍,” said one fan, while another wrote, “This is 50🤯you look so good Queen.”

One person jokingly wrote, “If my cougar don’t look like this keep her 😭😍🤤.”

The “Power Book 2” actress celebrated her big day on the beach and later had dinner with friends in an unknown location. One familiar face in attendance to Blige’s private event was fellow actor Tyrese Gibson, who also sang her happy birthday.

Although it looks like she appreciated the song, it did not look like she was happy about Gibson trying to touch her leg as they posted up for a picture. Her face quickly went from a smile to a frown while saying “aye aye aye” to get him to remove his hand. But after the short moment, everything was all good, and they continued to smile for their photo.

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