‘Watch Your Mouth and Fingers’: Michelle Williams Claps Back at IG User for Telling Her She Needs to Have Children

An Instagram user bringing unsolicited advice to gospel singer Michelle Williams is getting a lesson on why it’s not safe for strangers, male or female, to tell a woman what to do when it comes to her reproductive system. 

On Friday, Jan. 15, an Instagram user was strolling down the former Destiny Child member’s page when he decided to unload some unsolicited advice in the comments section for the 41-year-old star who was promoting her upcoming book “Checking In.”

Michelle Williams Photo: @michellewilliams/Instagram

“Michelle I love you but you need some children…,” the person stated before adding, “u r 2 bored…” Williams responded to the person, “You’re an idiot!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂.” Perplexed by Williams’ comment and not his own, the person replied, “Woooooooow that was uncalled for thank you 🤔.”

Shortly afterward, the “Say Yes” songstress unleashed a brief, yet stern, speech on why if you have nothing nice to say, it’s usually best to say nothing at all. “No, what’s uncalled for is you telling a woman that she needs to have children,” the actress began. “What if that woman CAN’T have children??? What if that woman DOESN’T WANT children. WATCH YOUR MOUTH and FINGERS….”

She continued, “Don’t you ever let that come out of your mouth or your fingers on a comment section again to ANYBODY. I would have ignored but too many people need tp stay out of a woman’s uterus!!!” Williams ended her statement by telling her critic to “scram and be blessed!!!”

From Michelle Williams’ Instagram comments section Photo: @michellewilliams/Instagram

@sthomaselectric55 appeared to take Williams’ advice well after apologizing and informed her that he would “never forget that…”

The former “Masked Singer” contestant’s exchange with the online user since has gone viral, with screenshots popping up on various blog sites.

Several other fans chimed on the conversation, reiterating Williams’ message, including one user who wrote, “o where in the Bible or in any religion does it say that a woman is required to have children to be fulfilled in life—Many of us don’t want children especially in today’s crazy world with today’s half assed ignorant men.”

Another person commented, “What an ignorant and unkind thing to say to someone you claim you ‘love.’ ” That person added, “You should be ashamed of you words. You don’t know what a woman, let alone any human being may be going through.”

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