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‘This Could of Stayed In the Drafts’: Fans Say Alexis Skyy Failed at ‘Buss It’ Challenge

More and more people are beginning to take part in the trending TikTok “Buss It” challenge, but lately viewers have been criticizing participants for coming on camera just looking pretty and not twerking. However, it looks like model Alexis Skyy is getting called out for the opposite reason. 

In a now-deleted Instagram post from Jan. 16, Skyy pretends to sweep the kitchen floor in a nude two-piece fit as she waits for the beat to drop. Suddenly the camera cuts to Skyy dropping it low with a beat face, white spanx and a black crop top.

Alexis Skyy. (Photo: @alexisskyy_/Instagram)

Fans were unimpressed by Skyy’s efforts and unafraid to say so in the comments.

One disappointed person wrote, “This could of stayed in the drafts.”

Skyy was disqualified by viewers and even got scolded after they informed her that she was “doing it wrong” and saying that participants of the challenge “automatically lose when you don’t follow the rules.”

The unwritten rules of the challenge are for people to appear in dowdy clothes on camera, but when the beat drops they’re supposed to start twerking in their best attire. Because the 26-year-old’s second outfit was deemed too mediocre, fans called her out for her lack of effort and for twerking off beat. Someone else wrote, “it whas okay, i whas lookin for ah better outfit 😒.”

But it appears Skyy has big boss things on her mind at the moment. She is gearing up for her launch in February of a venture called Blexx. She is calling the launch “Body By Blexx,” and according to one of her Instagram posts, she will be providing services that include “Body contouring, post op massages laser lipo ..fajas and scrubs.”

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