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‘I Want to Sleep In My Old Spot’: Tiny Harris Shares Video of Her Daughter Heiress Being Jealous of Zonnique Pullins’ Baby

There is a new baby in town, and Tiny and T.I.’s daughter Heiress D. Harris is not happy about it.

Tiny’s oldest daughter Zonnique Pullins gave birth to her first child about four weeks ago, and it looks like Tiny and T.I. are happily stepping into their roles as new grandparents. However, Heiress, Tiny and T.I.’s youngest daughter, might not be ready to take on her role as a first-time auntie. On Monday, Jan. 11, Tiny uploaded a video of Heiress complaining about her new niece taking over her “spot.”

Tiny Harris and Heiress Harris. (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

The one-minute clip begins with Heiress telling her mom that the baby can sleep in a crib instead of on the bed with T.I. and Tiny. But Tiny explained to Heiress that the newborn could not sleep in that crib because it was “on the floor.”

Tiny asked her, “What, you want her to sleep on the floor?” to which she replied, “No, I want to sleep in my old spot.” The 4-year-old went on to say that her dad was sleeping in her spot, but Tiny said that he was just trying to sleep slanted.

Frustrated, Heiress let out a deep sigh with her back turned to her mother as she scrolled through a cellphone. Tiny repeats, “You was going to put the baby on the floor, all the way over there, talking about she can sleep over here.”

Looking even more upset, Heiress looked at Tiny and said, “She can sleep on the floor by you.” Tiny pointed to the area by her side of the bed to confirm that is what Heiress meant, and Heiress reaffirmed that the baby “could sleep anywhere she wants” even by a pile of the baby’s stuff.

The video ends with Tiny saying, “Nah, Heiress, you tripping.”

“Why @heiressdharris first day on auntie duties she already jealous. She wanna put my Honey Bun on the floor..where ever! Just not in her spot 👑💜😩,” the mother of four wrote in the caption.

Fans laughed about Heiress’ jealous reaction to her sister’s child.

One person said, “Heiress is like, as long as things don’t interfere with her, she can sleep anywhere she wants lol,” and someone else added, “Heiress said okay nah it was cute at first but now she tryna take ova.”

But several fans were confident that Heiress’ current feelings will change as the two get older.

“They are going to be best friends when they are older,” said one fan.

Pullins welcomed her daughter on Dec. 15 with her boyfriend, Baltimore rapper Bandhunta Izzy. She has yet to divulge the baby’s name, but for now Tiny seems to have nicknamed her granddaughter “Honeybun.”

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