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‘Embarrassing’: Porsha Williams Explains Why She Chose to Get Pregnant By Dennis McKinley and Fans Blast Her

Porsha Williams is under fire after she explains in a new preview of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” why she got pregnant by her ex-fiancé, Dennis McKinley.

At the 0:46 mark, Williams starts talking to her mom and sister about her ex saying, “When it comes to PJ, the parts that I do get sad about is that I wish we could have worked out and for Dennis to be in the house.” Williams added, “But when I look at it, I know that Dennis is such a powerful father figure. I honestly feel like as much as I’m going to put into her to know about the real s–t going on in the world, he will too.”

Porsha Williams
Porsha Williams’s ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley and Porsha Williams (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

She went on to say that she “picked” McKinley and that her daughter “wasn’t no mistake.” She continued explaining what made her child’s father the perfect candidate. She said, “I laid down and I knew what was going to happen. I was like, ‘Oh, he got his own place.’ Look the leg started right here. ‘Oh, he got his own place. He got his own business. Oh, he ain’t got no kids. Oh, he said he wants marriage. Oh, he wants to be with me. Oh, he said I’m cute. Impregnate me!’”

The mother of one received a bit of backlash from fans who thought her statement was “cringy.”

One person said, “She too pretty to come off so desperate. This embarrassing.”

“And that’s y she in the situation she in,” said another.

But some fans understood where Williams was coming from and decided to stick up for her in the comments.

One said “At least she picked a stable man unlike a lot of other people. And at least he actually wanna be with her unlike Kenya husband who don’t want her.”

Someone else agreed with Williams’s choice writing, “PERIOD I’m choosing the same way! No broke or BROKEN! Bd for me and my baby.”

Williams and McKinley have been dealing with each other in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2018. That year they announced that they were not only engaged but also welcoming their first child together. They broke off their engagement in 2019 after it was reported that McKinley cheated on the “RHOA” star while she was still pregnant. The two reconciled and got re-engaged in December 2019 but called it quits again in 2020. For now, they are co-parenting their 1-year-old daughter, Pilar Jhena McKinley.

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