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‘Damn I Thought She Was a Real One’: ‘Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Debra Antney Explains Why She’s a Trump Supporter and Whether She’s Worried About Her Reputation

“Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” fans geared up for the season 4 premiere on Thursday, Jan. 7. Since the release of the trailer, it is evident that one of the major focuses on this season will be Deb Antney’s love for the soon-to-be-former President Donald Trump.

In a previous trailer for the We TV series, viewers were already shocked to learn that the entertainment manager was a Trump supporter, but in this new trailer Antney explains why she likes the 45th president of the United States.

Debra Antney. (Photo: @debra4mizay/Instagram)

While on the phone with Da Brat, she says she likes Trump, “Because what you see is what you get.” She added, “He could be ghetto, he could be everything that people say. I don’t know why we beefin’ with it, ’cause that’s how the hell we do sh-t,” she added. “That man is who he is and there is no hidden agenda.”

Rapper Waka Flocka, who is also Antney’s son, sat next to his mom in shock while listening to her conversation. After revealing that his wife Tammy Rivera would not be pleased to learn her mother-in-law was a Trump supporter, he looked at Antney and asked, “Are you having a crisis in life?”

In her green screen interview, Antney gave more insight about her stance, saying, it’s not about “policies and procedures or all the political stuff,” but instead “it’s seeing what you get. That’s what I like about him. Even if he’s gonna screw you, you gon’ know he’s getting ready to do it.” She added, “Besides that, we’re in America. America is not politics. America is business. I’m not the least, do you hear me, bit worried about my reputation.”

(From left) Waka Flocka, Debra Antney and producer Quam Going Brazy: (Photo: @debra4mizay/Instagram)

Some fans expressed their disappointment with Antney writing, “Damn I thought she was a real one. Guess not,” while another clapped back at the 59-year-old saying, “Girl trump lost..”

Another person blasted Antney by bringing up her old drama with Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane. They wrote, “Y’all see why Gucci left her👀👀😂🤷🏿😂.”

While going through a major public fallout with her son for most of 2013, Gucci, who was being managed by Antney, decided to file a lawsuit against Waka and Antney for fraud, racketeering, and conspiracy. The JasmineBrand reported the next year Gucci dropped the lawsuit. After years of not speaking, Waka hopped on Instagram to extend the olive branch to Gucci in November 2018. Gucci confirmed the following month in an interview with Streetz 94.5 that he did call Waka and “everything in the past now.”

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