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‘Grow Up’: Rihanna Claps Back at Fans and Friends After They Use Her New Year’s Post to Ask About Her Next Album

It looks like Rihanna has had it with fans harassing her about dropping an album. On Friday, Jan. 1, the singer uploaded two photos to bring in the New Year’s holiday. In the photos she sports a glittery green bralette, a matching skirt, and thigh-high strap up heels.

“New year’s resolution:apply the pressure,” she captioned the photo.

Rihanna. (Photo: @badgalriri/Instagram)

While fans complimented her on her looks and cheered her on for her caption, others took their opportunity to bring up Rihanna’s long-awaited album.

“Resolution should be releasing the album,” one fan wrote, commenting on the 32-year-old’s caption.

Bad Gyal Rih Rih shut the fan down with a snappy response. She said, “this comment is sooo 2019. grow up.” But to let that fan know that everything was all good, Rihanna followed up with another comment writing, “😂💪🏿 2021 energy.”

Many other fans commented under Rihanna’s photo with similar requests, some more aggressively than others.

One impatient fan wrote, “And drop the mf album while you at it,” while another hopeful person wrote, “Let’s hope for new music at least this year.”

Even Rihanna’s close friend Jahleel Weaver, who is also the deputy creative director of Fenty, felt the “Rude Boy” singer’s wrath after getting on her nerves.

He said, “Speaking of pressure, it’s the album for me.” She responded with a swift, “Phuck you.”

It’s been five years since Rihanna’s Navy fan base has received a musical project from her, and throughout those years Rihanna has given fans hope that the album is in progress. In 2018 after a fan asked her when the album was coming out she commented, “2019.” In 2019, she interviewed with Vogue and confirmed that the R9 album, as fans dubbed it, would be “reggae-inspired,” but she never confirmed an actual release date for fear that “my fans would kill me.” She also uploaded a few Instagram posts showing her in the studio, making fans get excited.

Luckily, Rihanna has excuses for why it is taking her so long to produce the ninth studio album and, while she has not released new music, she has been giving her fans other things in exchange. In 2017, she released her Fenty Beauty line. The next year, she appeared in the comedy-crime movie “Ocean’s 8” and launched her Savage X Fenty line. In 2019, she released a documentary centered on her Savage X Fenty show, an last year she released Savage X Fenty show documentary and launched her gender-neutral skin care line. However, even with her schedule completely booked, fans are still waiting and hopeful that the Barbados native will drop new music.

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