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‘Icy Girl Airlines’: Quavo Surpises Jet-Setting Saweetie with Custom Bentley

Saweetie‘s holiday season is off to a fly and fabulous start!

The 26-year-old “Tap In” rapper started her Dec. 22 off at an airport flexing next to a jet and ended it by being gifted a shiny new Bentley by her boyfriend, Quavo of rap group Migos. A series of photos and videos shared by Saweetie and an entourage showed the star strutting down the tarmac toward the aircraft.

Saweetie poses next to a jet in an unknown location. (Photo: @saweetie/Instagram)

“Ay, I don’t land at the airport, I land at the Clearport. I got my first m*****f*****g jet, I’m hella happy,” the rapper proudly shouted, seemingly saying she owns the plane. “This s**t hella m*****f*****g big, I know that’s m*****f*****g right!”

The “Icy Girl” didn’t divulge any details about whatever her jet arrangement might be, but clearly she likes traveling safely and in style amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

After her airport excursion, Saweetie’s boo Quavo surprised her with a light blue convertible Bentley, which he went the extra mile to personalize with a snowflake on the outside and embroidering her “Icy” nickname in the headrests. Visibly shocked in all of the videos, Saweetie couldn’t stop screaming over her lavish early Christmas gift.

“Quavious Marshall the f—in’ GOAT !!! I love you baby !!!!!!!!” she tweeted after receiving her big surprise and before dropping a little hint to fans about her plans to thank her man.

Saweetie relishing in her baller status and Black love made fans want to live vicariously through her.

“Icy Girl airlines. Where everyone can be icy ❄️✨”

“if anyone is deserving.. ITS MF YOU”

“I’m so happy for you baby you deserve it ❤️🥺”


“Boss tingzzzz. Love to see black ppl prosper ❤️”

Saweetie is ready to take to the skies looking fly. @saweetie/Twitter

The pair, who’ve been dating since late 2018, love to each other for holidays and special occasions. Last year Quavo surprised his Ice Queen with a $75,000 diamond snowflake pendant.

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