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‘Let Me Pull My Big Girl Draws All the Way Up’: Marjorie Harvey Scares Husband Steve with Her Bravery While Ziplining

Steve and Marjorie Harvey are going all out for their winter holidays by spending time in the United Arab Emirates. In a Dec. 19 Instagram clip, Marjorie shows that she knows how to have a good time while on vacation, but Steve is not as ecstatic.

The video starts with Steve at the Toro Verde Adventure Park Ras Al Khaimah describing it as “the world’s longest zipline in the world.” He continues, “And my son and my wife are about to do it. These are two very important people to me. I just need them back,” he said nervously.

Marjorie Harvey in Dubai. (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

The clip then cuts to Marjorie getting ready to go down the zipline and telling her husband, “Hey, good-looking, I’ll be right back.” As she goes down she screams and says, “I’m flying, I’m flying, I’m flying.”

When she finishes she surprisingly reveals that she would like to go down “one more time.”

“The world’s longest zip line……Awesome,” she wrote.

Marjorie received plenty of praise and applauding emojis, along with several people calling her “fearless” in the comments.

One fan cheered, “You go girl!! Couldn’t be me, but you go girl!!”

“Y’all are some bold folk…..let me pull my big girl draws all the way up 😂😂 @marjorie_harvey,” wrote another.

Although many seemed intimidated by the aerial feat, not everyone in the comments was put off by the daring activity. Someone said, “That looks fun… I’m putting this on my to do list lol,” while another wrote, “I love your spirit girl…. I’d join you if I were there.”

The Harveys have not divulged any details about his trip to Dubai besides using the hashtag #World’sCoolestWinter, but, by the looks of the video, it seems Steve may be filming something as well as vacationing. Pictures and videos of Steve have surfaced on the internet since he has been away for the trip. Whether he is posing in one of his suits or sprinkling salt over his steak in style with the infamous chef dubbed “Salt Bae,” he seems to be enjoying his time away from the United States.

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