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‘You Just Made Me Lick My Screen’: Cyn Santana Strips Down for Instagram In Her Savage X Fenty Two-Piece Set

Cyn Santana is serving up sexy on her Instagram after posting a photo of herself in a black bra-and-panties set from the Savage X Fenty line. Rocking a high ponytail, she poses seductively using a chair as her prop in the Dec. 20 picture.

“Just go and get your savage on @savagexfenty 🖤✨ #SavageXAmbassador,” she wrote in the caption. 

Cyn Santana. (Photo: @cynsantana/Instagram)

The model had fans extra excited about her skin-baring photo, and they took to the comments to let her know. 

One person said, “It’s that juicy hip fa me,” while another thrilled fan said, “Marry me.”

Another wrote, “You look fantastic 🔥 not that you don’t always but here it’s whole different vibe love it I absolutely need to get my savage on after these covid lbs.”

While fans continued to salivate over the photo with heart-eye and fire emojis, another fan said to the “Love and Hip Hop New York” star “You just made me lick my screen.”

There’s no debate that the mother of one has always looked good, but since losing weight and undergoing her second breast reduction, she can now say she feels good as well. 

Santana talked about shedding 42 pounds after her pregnancy made her gain weight, not just overall but especially in her breasts. She said, “That was literally heavy on my back. When I went to sleep at night I was uncomfortable. Getting dressed was very uncomfortable. Carrying my child with my big breasts was uncomfortable. There was just too many uncomfortable moments for me.”

The breast reduction surgery took place back in September, and the singer said, “it was one of the best decisions I ever made.” She had her first surgery in 2014 and went from DDD to D, but it grew back once she got pregnant with her now-3-year-old son, Lexington Budden.

The 27-year-old said that in order for her to avoid having any more surgeries in the future, she needed to switch her eating habits. “I have to make sure I watch what I eat, because you eat, fat is fat, you gain weight. It’s possible I could be right back where I started. So I’m just really careful about what I eat. I do my detoxes. All I drink is water and a little bit of D’usse every now and then. No sugars, no juices, no sodas, none of that,” she said.

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