‘That’s Scary’: Fans Are Stunned After Teyana Taylor Shares Video of 3-Month-Old Daughter Seemingly Repeating Her Sentences

The music industry may not be bringing singer and dancer Teyana Taylor much joy, but the mommy life sure is. She and her husband, NBA free agent shooting guard Iman Shumpert, are melting hearts with a new video of their youngest daughter Rue Rose Shumpert, who entered the world in September. 

Shumpert recorded a video of his wife Taylor talking to Rue. “Hi, Mommy,” she said as Rue sat peacefully in her cradle. Rue first smiled at Taylor, attempting to echo her mother’s phrase. 

Rue let out a loud “Hi,” and asked her mother, “How are you?” Shumpert could be heard in the background gushing over his daughter speaking. 

Taylor excitedly responded to baby Rue by asking her the same question. Rue repeated the question, and that’s when Shumpert, 30, gained more excitement. 

“Hell, naw!!” he blurted out in the background. 

Teyana Taylor talks to her daughter Rue while her husband, Iman Shumpert, records in the background. @teyanataylor/Instagram

In another clip, Taylor, 30, said to Rue, “Hey, girl.” She said the phrase twice as Rue attempted to repeat the “Wake Up Love” mother’s words. Taylor gave her daughter some encouragement: “Go ahead.”

What followed next made Shumpert curse and left Taylor freaking out. “Hey, Girl!” Rue said clearly. 

The parents were in shock, but Shumpert wanted Taylor to continue talking to Rue. “Say something else. Keep going.”

“No, that’s scary,” Taylor rebutted. 

The post garnered the couple over 3 million views. 

“What in the Dec 21, 2020, is going on here?!!! She only 3 months!! It’s her actually locked in tryna say what I’m saying & actually doing lip movements for me! It’s giving she be talking like boss baby when we leave out the room,” Taylor captioned the viral video. 

“👀👀 & excuse our language. We don’t like cursing in front of our kids, but that was some scurrrrrrrrry sh-t, I was gagginggggg. The ‘hey girl’ took me out, I swear if I wake up and see her 3-month- old butt in the fridge looking for some milk & cookies, I’m out 😫😫😭😭😭😭. I gotta another baby that’s been here before y’all LMFAO Junie 5 going on 45 and Rue is 3 months going on 30 😂😂😂😭 my kids is some aunties lmfaoooo,” she concluded. 

Taylor and Shumpert weren’t the only ones blown away. In the comments section, fans were in disbelief and gushed over the adorable 3-month-old’s ability to comprehend and repeat her mother’s phrases. 

“😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂 LMAO! I would HIGHKEY be freaked out too!!!! 😩.”

“She’s been here a couple of times before.”

“She’s a genius! Go’head Pookie booty 😘😘.”

“Baby Einstein😻.”

“What in the gifted and talented is going on here?”

“Amen, Rue!! Speak mamas!! Don’t baby talk your kids, and they’ll typically pick up language quick ! 🙌🏾🙌🏾.” 

Taylor and Shumpert are also the parents of their beautiful older daughter, Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr., who turned 5 years old a few days ago. 

Iman, who goes by the nickname “Junie,” has also been enjoying baby Rue’s presence. Taylor captured a flick of Junie doing her big sister duties and holding Rue. 

“I literally woke up to this omg, I dead shed a Lil tear,” Taylor’s caption read. “She was holding Rue & watching her iPad 🥺🥺🥺😩😩😩😍😍😍😍😍😍 she’s really such a great big sister 🤎 #mommiesbiggirl.” 

Taylor and Shumpert tied the knot in 2016. She delivered both of her baby girls at home.

Taylor recently announced her retirement from the music industry after feeling “underappreciated” as an artist. However, she will never retire from motherhood, and that seems to keep a smile on her face no matter what. 

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