‘Whatever You Do Don’t Close Up on Her Toes’: Draya Michele’s Fashion Post Goes Left After Fans Zero In on Her Feet

After posting a beautiful Instagram post and a funny caption, Draya Michele might’ve been surprised to find her looks and outfit seemed to be the last things on fans’ minds. On Dec. 20, she uploaded a series of photos of herself wearing denim shorts, a red long-sleeved turtleneck sweater, and a denim trench coat, all set off with red heels.

“It was 80 and I was confused,” the former “Basketball Wives LA” star wrote, addressing why she is wearing shorts with a sweater and trench coat.

Draya Michele models her denim outfit. (Photo: @drayamichele/Instagram)

Apparently, some fans felt Michele’s pain about her conflict with the weather.

“I went out in a turtleneck today too, sweating like a mf,” said one person.

But the attention quickly went from Michele’s unusual ensemble and flawless face to the interesting structure of her toes.

Once one person pointed it out more people began to flood her comments about them.

Someone said, “Don’t u hate it when that second toe is longer than all the other toes.”

Another jokingly said, “Whatever you do don’t close up on her toes,” while someone else asked, “Why yo toes throwin gang signs?”

Some other person assured Michele that “Even though your index toe is longer than your big toe, I still love you.”

The hereditary condition which the 35-year-old has is called Morton’s toe. According to Healthline, Morton’s toe is nothing to be worried about and is actually quite common. A 2010 study indicated that 40.3 percent of female participants and 45.7 percent of male participants have Morton’s toe.

It is suggested by doctors that if a person has feet where the second toe is longer than the big toe, they should avoid wearing shoes with pointed tips and instead go for wide-toed shoes. This will help prevent the toe from rubbing up against the shoe, which can cause pain and calluses.

Luckily for Michele, she has another famous person she can relate to when dealing with Morton’s toe, and that someone used to be royalty. Former Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle also has Morton’s toe. The discovery was made back in 2018 when she stepped out in a pair of black strappy heels that revealed her feet.

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