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‘His Mama Got 24 Hours to Respond’: Ciara Fans Get a Kick Out of Her Son Future’s Fancy Footwork In New Video

Ciara‘s eldest son Future might give his mom a run for her money in the dance moves department when he gets older, based on a video she shared of the little man getting down with his bad self.

Ciara and her son Future Zahir are all smiles. Photo: @Ciara/Instagram

The “Goodies” singer proudly filmed her six-year-old son getting down to the radio version of Trillville’s A-town classic “Some Cut” while cheering him on from behind the camera, as he showed off his fancy footwork.

Ciara also recently posted a video of her three-year-old daughter Sienna taking on Meg Thee Stallion’s “Body” dance challenge, proving that she’s passed down her talent for dance to two of her three children so far.

The “Body Party” singer admitted that keeping her children busy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge, but doing activities with them, like dance videos or scenic rides, has been helping to pass the time. “That break in the day when you send your kids to school is a luxury. We’re trying all kinds of stuff to keep them both occupied. The other day I got in the car with Sienna and drove her past some horses for a change of scenery,” she told ET Canada in July.

According to Ciara, Future “loves dancing,” just like his mama, and after seeing him in action, her followers agreed that he certainly gets it honest.

“He gon be a beast just like his momma😍😍,” one fan predicted.

“Future moving like me when I’m full of that Tito’s,” pointed out a second.

“His mama got 24 hours to respond 😂😂😂,” joked a third.

“It’s the footwork for meee😍. I love how these children are taking their parents talent!!,” a fourth fan exclaimed.

“CMON CIARA JR,” praised a fifth.

With Future and Sienna’s budding talent accounted for, fans will have to wait until Ciara’s youngest, soon-to-be five-month-old Win, starts walking to see if he’s a dancer like his mom, big brother and big sister.

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