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‘I Think That’s Insensitive to Say’: Fans Heated Over T.I. Saying Fathers Should Spend Quality Time with Their Daughters as ‘Thot Prevention Hours’

T.I. is in hot water again after making comments about why a father should spend quality time with his daughter. On Thursday, Dec. 17, T.I. sat down with his guest, rapper 21 Savage, on his podcast “expediTIously.” The two Atlanta rappers discussed a variety of topics like music and relationships between husband and wife, which eventually led to the subject of why fathers are overprotective of their daughters.

21 Savage was the first to bring up and think about why he feels the need to overprotect his daughter. Answering his own question at 1:08:42, he said, “I feel like it’s because as men we know how we do women.”

Protective fathers T.I. (left) and 21 Savage (right). (Photos: @troubleman31/Instagram, @21savage/Instagram)

“Because sons can’t get pregnant,” T.I. interrupted.

21 Savage responded, “but we know how we treat women. So I feel like I just don’t want my daughter to ever just run into one of them n-ggas.”

T.I., being a father to two daughters and a stepfather to one, assured 21 Savage that he would not be able to keep his daughters from coming into contact with that kind of man.

His solution is all fathers should “put in them thot prevention hours.”

“Keep your daughter off the pole,” he continues. “You spending time going to daddy-daughter dances, and you taking them on trips where it’s just you and her — those are thot prevention hours that you putting in. You got to do that. Your ass don’t do that, boy her ass gon’ be somewhere in Magic City, man, trying to figure it out.”

T.I.’s comments did not sit well with many people, and, of course, they discussed the subject on various social media platforms.

One person said, “It’s hard to find him likable when his misogyny is so loud.”

“My dad never spent quality time with me and I didn’t turn out that way. I think that’s insensitive to say as well as placing all fatherless women in one category and it’s unfair, just my opinion. #respectfully,” said another.

Someone else suggested, “Maybe he should spend that same time with his sons so they don’t end up treating women the way he treats their mothers!”

It’s only been a little over a year since the “What You Know” rapper was heavily criticized for saying on another podcast that he goes on gynecologist visits with his daughter Deyjah Harris to “check her hymen” and make sure she is not having sex.

This comment not only landed T.I. on the “Red Table Talk” show with Jada Pinkett Smith and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, but it also caused a rift in the relationship between him and his 19-year-old daughter.

On an episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” that aired earlier this year, Deyjah gave more insight into how the situation affected her.

Opening up to her cousins, she said, “I do think my dad treats me differently than the boys when it comes to the subject of sex and supervision. I’m not really gonna be able to get through to him connect how I need to. I just don’t really care to be around him right now. Our relationship, I’m gonna look at it differently.”

“This situation is just a little traumatizing for me,” she said tearfully.

T.I. has since apologized to his daughter for his insensitive comments, but after his “thot prevention” comments, it seems the 40-year-old still has some learning to do.

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