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‘I Wish Someone Could Pay Me to Care Like She Paid Those Dudes to be Her Boyfriend’: Sherri Shepard Responds to Kenya Moore Calling Her ‘Arrogant’

Kenya Moore is no stranger to verbal showdowns, whether it’s throwing a little sprinkle of shade someone’s way or full on putting them on blast, and it looks like her latest target Sherri Shepherd is ready to meet the reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on her level.

(L-R): Kenya Moore and Sherri Shepherd Photo credits: @thekenyamoore/Instagram;@sherrieshepherd/Instagram

During her Dec. 14 “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” appearance, Kenya was asked viewer questions in the form of “shady tchotchkes.” At the 0:57 mark of the interview, she was asked to name “a past guest that was on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with you that you would never want to be on the show with again.”

Without skipping a beat, Kenya promptly responded “Sherri Shepherd. That was probably my worst appearance,” she continued. “I thought she was trying to take over the show. She was very arrogant, so Sherri.”

Cohen reminded Moore that Shepherd referred to her as “Kendra” for most of their interview, and the model brought out her shadiest guns, replying, “She thought she was still on ‘The View’ and she didn’t know she had apparently been fired.”

(L-R) Kenya Moore and Sherri Shepard Photo: @DishNation/Youtube

The comment made its way back to the “Dish Nation” co-host, who addressed Kenya or “Kendra” on the Dec. 15 episode of the show. “It’s so funny because I was trying to remember when I did ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Kendra,” she said as her co-hosts yelled “Kenya” to correct her. I wish someone could pay me to care like she paid those dudes to be her boyfriend in season 10 after she got fired from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ ”

The “Beauty Shop” actress wasn’t done with her tongue-lashing, however, and continued her read, making sure to address every point Moore brought up on ‘WWHL’. “Oh, I do remember taking over because it took so long for you to get a thought out of your head. I had to fill up the space. Before I left ‘The View’ we won our first Emmy, Kendra, and you know the ratings have never been higher since I have left. So there you go Kendra. Have a great day!”

Closing out her response, she added. “I just got so much to do Kendra! I mean I’m working on ‘Dish Nation,’ I got my other show, I’m writing a book. There’s so much in my head, Kendra! But I want you to have a really nice day. Work it! Because that’s what we both do. Much love to you.”

The “RHOA” star and “Mr. Iglesias” actress previously appeared on the late night reality talk show in 2014, and it was apparent that they didn’t exactly hit it off. Shepherd chalked the tense appearance up to the two not “gelling” in a 2016 interview with Cohen. “We just didn’t gel but I wish Kenya the best.”

Moore has yet to respond at the time of this writing, but since this little tit for tat has been resurfacing ever so often since 2014, it would appear there’s more to come.

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