Footage Shows Minneapolis Officer Kneeling on Black Man’s Back at Same Intersection Where George Floyd Was Killed

A video shared to social media earlier this month shows a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on a Black man in the same location where George Floyd was killed.

The footage was first shared to YouTube by On Site Public Media on Dec. 8. It shows police responding to an alleged carjacking, a Minneapolis police spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

Up to 20 officers responded to arrest the suspects at East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, also called George Floyd’s Square. Floyd was killed by former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin in May, after Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

The footage shows witnesses standing by as one officer restrains a Black man against the ground.

Another cop then pointed at a Black man in the crowd, chased him, then tackled him to the ground. After slamming the man to the ground the officer pinned him down by driving his knee into his back.

A Minneapolis officer with concealed badge number kneels on a Black man’s back in a Dec. 4 incident in the same place where George Floyd was killed. (Photos: On Site Public Media)

It’s not clear what prompted the officer to restrain the man.

Editors of the video said the man suffered a dislocated shoulder as a result of the incident.

The officer’s badge number is taped over in the footage and is not visible. On Site Public Media identified the officer as Kyle Mader, although the officer’s identity has not been confirmed by the Minneapolis Police Department, which said instances of use-of-force shown in the video are under review by the Office of Police Conduct Review.

The department said the carjacking suspects fled to George Floyd’s Square and that they were armed.

On Site Public Media reports that Mader joined the force in 2018 and has has seven complaints filed against him. He received no disciple for four complaints, and the remining three remain open, the outlet claimed.

Six months after Floyd’s death, Chauvin faces charges of manslaughter and murder. His trial is set to begin on March 8.

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