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‘2 of the Prettiest and Most Hated On’: Alexis Skyy and Lira Galore Flaunt Their Beauty In Video on Instagram

Alexis Skyy and Lira Galore gave their fans life when they combined their pretty powers for the ‘Gram.

Simply captioning the video “Bae 😍,” Skyy and Galore were spotted on Dec. 12 vibing to the Roddy Ricch song “Bacc Seat” featuring Ty Dolla $ign while putting their friendship, bling, and beat faces on display.

Galore appears to be in good spirits after her most recent social media scandal when a video of her turning up on Instagram Live went viral and made fans question whether she was high on a little more than life. During the stream she appeared disoriented and caused viewers to worry about her mental state.

Lira responded to the drug use accusations by sharing her Dec. 9 supposed negative drug test results with followers. “For the LAST time I do not do drugs,” she captioned the post. “Weed, ion pop pills, sip lean etc etc . I like tequila & hookah !! Even tho The video circulating from Monday nights game night is not the best representation of me but it also was a very small piece of the night that was meant to be innocent.”

Although some accused Galore of being under the influence again in her video with Skyy, the models’ fans largely loved seeing Skyy and Galore team up to serve looks for the camera. The video was viewed more than 449,800 times and received over 70,500 likes.

“LIRA DRUNK AGAIN😩,” called out one follower.

“😍 the two baddest,” another stated.

“It’s the duo for me 😍😍,” someone else complimented.

“They wanna know the words so bad bra 🤣🤣🤣,” a jokester quipped.

“2 of the prettiest and most hated on 😍😍😍,” one observer declared.

The duo were hanging out in Houston ahead of their nightclub appearance for Ladies Night on Dec. 12 at the Rose Gold Cocktail Den lounge and went on to have a ball at their late-night appearance, making sure to take a moment to twerk for the crowd.

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