‘It’s Called Sentence Enhancers’: Porsha Williams Admits She Loves to Curse, Tamar Braxton and Fans Agree

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams admitted on her new podcast that she loves to curse in order to let off steam.

Williams, 39, shared a preview of her new “Porsha4Real” podcast episode featuring her mother, Diane, and sister, Lauren, on her Instagram on Thursday, Dec. 3.


“I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, guys, but I curse a lot! I do. Curse words just have a weight to them. You can take so many normal words to say something, but if you just say f–k it carries so much weight,” the reality star told her mom and sister.

Lauren chimed in and said, “They say that people that curse are happier because they get out their emotions. They’re not holding them in.”

“It’s good to curse, damn it!” Williams added.

In her Instagram caption, the mom of one wrote, “Who ever said a lady shouldn’t curse said that before women took on the level of responsibility that we do today.” 

“Cursing keeps me calm. I despise feeling angry…. so I get it out with a quick F”@$ and go about my day😂😂 @lodwill @msdianeofficial,” she added.

Tamar Braxton agreed with the “RHOA” star in the comments section. 


“I love to curse. How else can you say what the FCk?” the “Braxton Family Values” star joked.

Other fans also felt the same way about cursing.

“It’s called sentence enhancers lol. That’s what I told my mom. It really helps.”

“This is how I feeeeeeeel!”

“❤️ I curse a lot too and it feels great🤣🤣🤣”

Williams launched the podcast with her family in November as a way for them to get real about some topics that don’t make it onto Bravo. 

“A lot of people have enjoyed us on ‘The Housewives,’ our fun and just realness,” she told HollywoodLife. “I’m like, ‘You know? Let’s do a podcast. Let’s use that as a space where we can talk about everything.’” 

The peach holder added, “One of my most favorite parts of the show is when we do ‘Ask Us Anything’ and our listeners can ask myself some stuff, my mom, my sister, and it is just some wild stuff that I found out about my mom and my sister on the podcast. It’s just like a safe space to be for real.”

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