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Floyd Mayweather Announces Exhibition Fight Against Logan Paul, the Older Brother of YouTuber Who KO’d Nate Robinson

When Floyd Mayweather came to former NBA player Nate Robinson‘s defense on Instagram following his viral fight that ended in a second-round knockout loss on Nov. 28 against YouTuber Jake Paul, it came across as a commendable move by the former professional boxer. The former world champion scolded critics, black entertainers specifically, for mocking the beaten basketball player.

Now it appears Mayweather is out to avenge Robinson’s honor, at least in the eyes of social media users, after the 43-year-old announced on Sunday, Dec. 6, that he’ll be entering the ring on Feb. 21 for an exhibition fight against Paul’s older brother Logan Paul. 

(L-R) Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. @floydmayweather/Instagram

“Super Exhibition Feb. 20, 2021 !!!! Early Bird Special On Sale NOW!!!! @fanmio ,” Mayweather captioned the Instagram graphic about the fight. He added, “More Details Soon. Link in BIO..” The clip was viewed over 6 million times. This bout would be Mayweather’s second exhibition fight since retiring. His first was on New Year’s Eve in 2018 against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Tokyo. 

Like his younger brother, Logan’s claim to fame is also through the former social media app Vine and later YouTube. The 25 year old’s page is one of the most viewed single-person channels on the video platform, with over 4.7 billion views. The 6-foot-2, 200-pound Logan is a cruiserweight whose pro boxing résumé consist of one fight against another fellow YouTuber, which Paul lost. (Logan’s bother Jake improved to 2-0 as a pro boxer when he knocked out Robinson in their match, which was on the undercard of the Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr. bout that night in Los Angeles.)

Many social media users threw their support behind the undefeated champion, as many echoed that this fight would be an easy win for 5-foot-8, 150-pound Mayweather, including former NBA player Archie Goodwin, who wrote, “This gone be the easiest money you ever made family 😂😂.” 

However, not many were feeling this matchup, echoing the criticisms that began almost immediately after the Nov. 28 Several online users expressed the idea that the bout would be a total waste of time. “Man this fight is so dumb how could floyd lower his level to logan paul,” one critic wrote.

Another commented, “This is so damn corny. If you not gonna fight real fighters stay retired.”

While others saw this as a revenge match, including one Twitter user, who wrote, “Nate Robinson done forced Floyd Mayweather to come out of retirement to fight Logan Paul and win one for the ancestors.”

Another wrote, “he finna get that logan paul fight. For revenge for all black people… think i’m joking But people will be happy as hell lol.”

Details surrounding where this fight would take place have not yet been announced.

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