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‘Lawd Alexis’: Alexis Skyy’s Semi-Nude Post Has Her Fans Salivating Over Her

Alexis Skyys sultry new upload left her followers gasping for air on Friday as she lay topless in bed.

The “Love and Hip Hop” star gave fans a profile view of her breasts as she exposed her star tattoos while seductively gazing at the camera. Skyy kept it simple regarding makeup, donning a natural look with a smoky eye and a nude gloss. She captioned the Nov. 27 post “Heart on ice.” The look allured many fans.


“Lawd Alexis 😍😍.”

“Top Tier 💅🏽.”

“Yesssss get it boo🔥🔥🔥.”

In the second pic, Alexis slightly changed her posture by bracing herself on her elbows as she stared off into the distance. This post had fans insinuating that the reality star and her boyfriend Raja Dat have officially broken up.

One wrote, “I guess they did break up 😢.”

Another assumed the mother of one was just seeking some attention. This social media user said, “Girl hush 🙄 now ur heart on ice, u was just in love love 😐.”

Despite the flak she received, one of Skyy’s followers offered some words of encouragement. “It gets better🙏🙏🙏❤️.”

Earlier this month, the “LHH” star went on a Twitter rant in which she bashed her boyfriend for neglecting to bring her flowers during her hospitalization. The model revealed to her thousands of followers that she was disappointed. She wrote, “My own man couldn’t even bring me flowers .. card his response was he wasn’t thinking about flowers.” Skyy added, “People fail to realize it’s the small things that count in times like this.” She even admitted that she “tired of being nice” and feels like she is destined to be “alone forever.” Alexis went as far as to point out that her boyfriend had his priorities mixed up when he got the latest PS5 instead of making sure she was OK.

Raja responded to those claims by sharing an Instagram story letting everyone know he was back on the market. He wrote, “OOOOO…IT’S F-KIN LITT I’M BACK!” Shortly after that, Alexis and Raja reunited after he posted a video of her drinking in his kitchen, a clip he captioned “TELL HER SHE SO F-KIN PRETTY WHILE DRILLING HER.”

The couple’s dating timeline is unknown, but they made their first social media appearance back in August after Alexis shared a photo of the pair posing on what seemed to be a charter plane.

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