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‘She Done Lost Her Damn Mind’: Royce Reed Sprayed Kids Who Attended Her Son’s Party with Lysol, Fans Chime In

Royce Reed took safety precautions on Sunday, Nov. 22, when she sprayed the guests who attended the surprise 13th birthday party for her son, Braylon Howard, with Lysol spray to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

The 59-second video shows the attendees, one by one, getting their temperatures checked with an infrared forehead thermometer and holding their arms out as they each get sanitized before making their way in. After receiving the green light from the former reality star, the guests received a yellow masquerade mask from Royce. In the Nov. 22 post, the mother of one showed her fans she would go to extreme means to protect her child when she wrote, “I play no games! Surprise birthday party for @braylon_howard_official.” While some fans applauded the dancer’s decisions, others felt she should’ve never had the party. 

Royce Reed poses for car selfie. Photo @roycereed/Instagram

“I know that’s right protect DEM babies😂”

“I feel her ! She ain’t wrong ! 😂”

“Me as a mom.”

“if you gotta do all this to party .. stay home 😭

“At this point just don’t have a party”

“She done lost her damn mind spraying Lysol on other kids hair body etc.”

“If you these are the extremes you go to, then you know you probably shouldn’t be having the party 😏”

A couple of people pointed out that even though the former “Basketball Wives” star took safety measures to shield the party goers from spreading the virus, spraying them with Lysol wouldn’t be enough. One wrote, “Yea, cause that’s effective 🥴🤦🏿‍♀️” while another mentioned, “It’s kinda like putting water in a strainer.” The Environmental Protection Agency lab-tested the standard household disinfectant spray on hard surfaces during the summer and found that two Lysol versions, including Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover, could kill the coronavirus in under two minutes. But there is no evidence that it’s effective on human skin.

Hours after the initial post, Royce gave fans an exclusive look into the festivities before more guests arrived. The Maskquerade-themed party — what the 40-year-old called the celebration — was decorated with gold streamers, white, black, and gold balloons, an illuminating Braylon name display and black figurines.

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