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‘Dollar Dollar Bill Come Get Her’: LisaRaye McCoy Retracts Halle Berry ‘Bad in Bed’ Remarks Following Backlash

Whew, Chile! LisaRaye McCoy backtracked her previous statement about Halle Berry being terrible in bed by uploading a lengthy post on Instagram on Thursday, Nov. 26, after the renowned actress spoke out and fans dragged the star.

The “Cocktails with Queens” co-host shared a 55-second clip from the show, stating that blog sites have been shredding her to pieces because she said Halle’s “p***y is trash.” The 53 year old clarified that she doesn’t know how the mother of two is in bed because she’s never been physically intimate with her. LisaRaye said she heard these allegations from unknown sources after seeing Halle’s love scene in her Oscar-winning role, “Monster’s Ball.” “I remember when ‘Monster’s Ball,’ her love scene they [people] were trying to say that’s how she is in bed, and it was like no it was a movie guys. What are you talking about?”

(L-R) LisaRaye McCoy and Halle Berry. Photo: @thereallraye1/Instagram and halleberry/Instagram

She also turned to rumors about the star’s previous relationships. “Then they came out with the whole Wesley Snipes thing, and who was that that hit her in the ear… didn’t have good relationships.” In the Nov. 26 post, the “Single Ladies” actress, accused blog sites for taking her comments out of context and apologized to Berry, whom she deemed the “Hollywood Queen.”

Regardless of what excuse LisaRaye provided, many fans threw shade at her for being what they considered to be messy.

“Blogs not stirring up anything! She definitely was being messy”

“Lisa Raye too old to be this messy”

“I’m so sick of Lisa. She’s so messy. She always do this. Her true colors is starting to show 🤦🏾‍♂️”

One fan referenced a character from her notable role in “The Player’s Club.” “Dollar Dollar bill come get her,” which Nicki Minaj also rapped in her song with 6ix9ine titled “TROLLZ” after the actress compared her to Lil Kim.

Halle responded to the allegations via Twitter — on a retweeted article — by tagging the former First Lady of Turks and Caicos and told her to ask her boyfriend Van Hunt about her sexual performance. She wrote, “Ms. @TheRealLRaye1, ask my man @vanhunt he’ll tell ya all y’all need ta know. 😂” The couple announced they were dating in September by sharing Instagram posts on their respective pages. 

During Monday’s episode of “Cocktails with Queens,” Vivica A. Fox, Claudia Jordan, Syleena Johnson, and LisaRaye discussed past sexual encounter regrets and Toni Braxton’s former flames. The “All of Us” actress then compared the singer to Halle, saying she can be “all talk but no action” from comments she heard in the past. When Claudia told her to elaborate on what she meant, asking if the 54-year-old Berry was terrible in bed? The star said, “That’s what they said. That’s what I read. And that’s what I heard.”

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