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Missy Elliot Surprises Fan with Her Dream Wedding Dress, Black-Owned Menswear Company Pitches In for Groom’s Tux

Missy Elliot just made one bride-to-be’s dream come true. 

Weddings can cost a couple a pretty penny, from venue to the attire, a dilemma a woman named Ireanna Bradshaw was facing.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, the North Carolina bride took to her Twitter account and shared her story of hardship with her followers. “Im getting Married in March &trying to move into our own place. Excited but overwhelmed. I have been saving money; but its still a struggle,” she wrote. “I found my dream dress and I want to get it so bad but between saving for the move- i dnt think it will be possible…..”

The plus-size model shared several photos of herself and her fiancé, as well as a picture of the $1,299 dress she had been eyeing. In another tweet, Bradshaw revealed that she had been on a self-love journey and self-acceptance and shared her profile account to her CashApp for those who would be willing to help her out financially.

Ireanna Bradshaw/Twitter

“I never thought Id find a love like this and never thought someone would want to marry me. With all my previous insecurities- i didnt think i was worthy of love. Loving myself made me ready for love. I would be so grateful to have some support: anything would help:”

The “Sock it 2 Me” rapper caught wind of Bradshaw’s post and congratulated the young woman on her engagement. “Early Congratulations May God Bless you both with an Unbreakable Union and full of Love & Happiness.” Bradshaw, excited that Elliot saw her post, replied, “Omg thank you so much… literally speechless; this is so sweet. You can come if you want- id love to have you.”

However, felicitations weren’t all the award-winning artist had in store for the unsuspecting fan. The “Take Away” rapper revealed that she had also purchased the model’s wedding dress for her. “Your Dress is paid for now I don’t know you but I saw you said the dress of your dreams & figured I would help when I saw you post ya cash app,” the rapper wrote. She added, “May Blessings pour on your Beautiful Wedding Day with your Future husband.”

The influencer shared a screenshot of the conversation with her 32,000 Instagram fans. “@missymisdemeanorelliott JUST PAID FOR MY DREAM WEDDING DRESS!!!!!! Im speechless. SO GRATEFUL,” Bradshaw captioned the post. “SO GRATEFUL. Like im shaking and crying. THANK YOU! STREAM EVERYTHING MISSY ELLIOTT.”

Bradshaw later received an offer from Harrell’s Menswear to purchase her fiancé’s tux. “Can we take care of the tux for your groom? Would love to bless y’all too,” the brand tweeted. Not much is known about Bradshaw’s future husband. However, according to her Instagram page, the couple has been together for three years.

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