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California Woman Harasses Black Family, Falsely Accuses Their Dog of Attacking Her Dog: ‘Why Don’t You Act Like a White Person In a White Neighborhood’

Video footage showing a white woman harassing a Black family about their dog and making racist comments is making its way around the internet.

The interaction occurred in the Northern California town of Discovery Bay, according to tweets posted on Monday by a woman identified as Jariell.  

Video footage posted on Twitter shows a white woman arguing with two Black siblings over a supposed dog attack. (Photo: Screenshot/Jaa_Rule)

“I am TIRED of living this way,” she wrote. “I am TIRED of passive aggressiveness. I am TIRED of the fake smiles. I am TIRED that I don’t feel safe in a house that I’ve lived in for 10+ years cause of the color of my skin.”

In two videos shared on Jariell’s profile, an older white woman clutching a poodle and a Taser argued with Jariell’s brother on the doorstep of family’s home. The woman repeatedly accused their dog, which she called a pit bull, of attacking her dog, and she threatened to call the police.

“I don’t want to see that dog outside,” the woman said.

“Well, he’s going to be outside. I have a right to have him just like every other person in here. He ain’t done nothing to you, he ain’t done nothing to your dog,” the man responded in measured tones.

The argument continued after the white woman accused Jariell’s brother of being “nasty.”

He asked the woman to leave the property several times but she didn’t budge. Instead, she brought up race.

“You’re a Black person in a white neighborhood and you’re acting like one,” the woman said. “Why don’t you act like a white person in a white neighborhood.”

“Keep it up, it’s all on camera,” replied Jariell’s brother.

Jariell eventually came out of the house and asked why the woman was yelling at her brother. Once again, the white woman accused their dog of going after her “small little dog.”

The brother reminded the woman their conversation is being filmed and Jariell pulled out her phone to record her own evidence. As the woman repeated the accusations, Jariell and her brother called her bluff.

“He attacked him? Where is your dog injured?” she asked the woman.

“You know what? You guys are acting like Black people and you shouldn’t act like Black people,” the woman responded. They argued some more before the woman threatened to sue and walked off. One of the videos posted on Jariell’s Twitter page showed the woman calmly speaking to her brother around the time of the supposed attack. Her dog was not present.

In another tweet, Jariell claimed the woman used racial slurs and chased them around while holding her taser.

“This woman charged after me and my brother multiple times with a taser, got in our face, yelled racial slurs at us SO YOU GOD DAMN RIGHT IM GONNA MAKE HER FEEL THIS SHIT,” she wrote.

The videos were viewed more than 470,000 times on Twitter.

“Wow! Wtf is wrong with people! Bi#$h you got some nerve, you best carry your old geriatric ass on,” wrote one viewer. “Big round [of] applause to my man and his lady keeping their s–t together. #fuckoffkaren #stayinyourlane I’m sorry y’all folks had to deal with this mess.”

“What is it? Like what makes y’all want to go and interrupt black people’s peace?” asked another.

“This is why it will ALWAYS be f–k them! I trust NONE of them! We need to stick together and live in our own neighborhoods and communities,” argued an additional viewer. “I’m tired of these racists!!”

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