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‘Cynthia Got the Meg the Stallion Knees’: Cynthia Bailey Shows Her Fans Just How Low She Can Get, Husband Mike Hill Chimes In

Cynthia Bailey is dropping it low for a new Instagram challenge and her followers. Bailey struck a fierce pose in a Nov. 13 Instagram post that prompted fans to give her all of the praise for more reasons than one.

The photo shows Bailey wearing a black skin-tight leather jumpsuit and black-and-white Nike sneakers while rocking her wavy blond bundles. Her face looks to be free of makeup as she looks straight at the camera.

In the caption she wrote, “#thotsquat challenge accepted. #chatroom @bravotv.”

@cynthiabailey Instagram

Fans cheered Bailey on over her sassy posture, but her number one fan was her husband and TV personality Mike Hill.

Hill joked in the comments, “Go low….drop it to the flo!!! I’m gonna.”

Many of Bailey’s other fans praised her, while some joked about the strength of their own knees. 

One person wrote, “Yasssss… The way my knees are set up. I can’t.”

Another joked, “If I’d gotten that low, they’d have to come help me pick it up off the flo.”

“Cynthia got the Meg the Stallion knees! Werq,” said a third person. 

Bailey was also getting compliments about her appearance, which she often gets. Fans gushed over how young she looked despite the 53-year-old’s actual age. 

One asked, “Can we see your birth certificate? Ion believe you’re in your 50’s.”

“Okay Cynthia Button aging in reverse! Looking fantastic,” said another.

Although she got a lot of support for the photo, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was also slightly reprimanded in the comments. To achieve this “thot squat,” Bailey crouched on her tiptoes, thus bending the top part of the sneakers. Fans took notice of this and decided to point it out to her.

One person said, “It’s bending the sneakers for me.”

“Gorgeous but don’t crease the shoes boo,” said another. 

Hopefully, for the fans’ sake, Bailey has learned her lesson and will treat her sneakers with care next time she takes on a challenge.

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