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‘I Ask That You Forgive Me’: Pam Long Takes Back Abuse Allegations Made Against Ex-Husband

Last year, Pam Long of the ’90s singing group Total made serious allegations of sexual abuse against ex-husband Jamie Long. Now Long is taking back those claims in an unexpected apology on social media.

In October 2019 she aired out the accusations on her podcast “Pam’s World,” in which she also mentioned instances of physical abuse and infidelity.

“The same Jamie Long that said that he loved me, but the same Jamie Long that flew me across the bed at Kima’s house,” she said. “You want to talk about it, we’re going to talk about it. How about the man that forces himself on women? Do you remember that night? Hmph,” she said. “You want to go there, but I don’t think you really want to talk about you.”

These accusations came forth after it was reported that Jamie Long married former sex-trafficking victim and now-activist Cyntoia Brown.

Long had also warned Brown to not get involved with her former partner, saying on The Neighborhood Talk, “This man is diabolical and he is such a manipulator. …The way this man pursued this woman is the way he did me. He came and found me using the same card, ‘He was a Christian artist,’” she said.

On Thursday, Long retracted the condemnations against her ex-husband in a public plea for forgiveness.

“I come before you today with deep regrets concerning a statement that I’m about to make,” she said in an Instagram video. “On October the 20th, 2019 for my show ‘Pam’s World,’ I made a comment about my ex-husband Jamie Long.  And that comment was that he forces himself on women, and right after that I said ‘do you remember that night?’”

“Basically I was telling the world that my ex-husband forced himself on me sexually, and that was a lie,” she continued. “Jamie I’m sorry for what it is that I have said about you.  I’m sorry for the shame that I have brought to your name, to your family, to you, your wife, your mom, your sister, and those who love you.”

She concluded, “Also to my family, my church family, to my friends, to those who love me who had no idea that this was a lie that I said concerning Jamie. I ask that you forgive me as well. Jamie, I’m sorry, and I know sorry does not make up for what I have said. But I ask that you will find it in your heart to forgive me for what I have done to you and your family.”

In an accompanying caption, Long wrote, “I am sorry for the pain, stress and embarrassment that I caused Jaime and his family in any way. I know that sorry does not nor can it make things better for what I have said, but I deeply apologize to the Long family.”

There has been no response to the video yet, however, Jamie Long did address the accusations last year on “The Breakfast Club.”

“Me and my wife, we’re serious. We’re serious about what we’re doing, we’re serious about the message and I’ve been divorced from Pam for four, five years now,” he said. “I just feel like it was selfish of her to come out and do something like that, because it’s like you discredit what my wife is trying to do, trying to attach your name to something like this.”

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