‘He Wants His Undivided Attention’: Nicki Minaj Tweets About Her Son and Missing Her Fans

Nicki Minaj is enjoying motherhood and giving fans some insight into how it’s going for her. In a series of Nov. 6 tweets, Minaj spent time answering her fans’ questions about her son while also telling an experience of her own that she had with him.

Since giving birth to her first child, Minaj has, for the most part, been m.i.a from the public. Besides appearing in a feature, a music video and uploading a few posts, she has been devoting most of her attention to her newborn, thus leaving fans to miss her.


The conversation on Twitter began with one fan asking, “why nicki can’t be a normal celebrity and get a nanny. Girl i miss you.”

Minaj responded, “Everyone tells me that. Lol. I rlly should get one. Difficult decision tho.”

Seeing their opportunity to speak with her, fans started asking the Queen of rap some questions about their “nephew.”

“So who does our nephew look like the most ? Mr. or Mrs. Petty ? @NICKIMINAJ,” someone inquired.


Minaj, who had her son with her husband and high school sweetheart Kenneth Petty, replied, “Ha! It’s a secret.”

Apparently, Minaj has been giving so much attention to her baby that, it turns out, he likes it that way and does not seem to want to share it.

She wrote, “Last night I tried to tweet while I was feeding him. He looked @ me & said “absolutely TF NOT” he wants his undivided attention chile.”

Since becoming pregnant, the 37-year-old Minaj has been pretty consistent with her privacy and only announces things when she is ready. She went through more than half of her pregnancy before even announcing it to the world and even waited until giving birth to reveal the gender. Now fans are waiting for her to reveal the child’s name.

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