Trump Set to Hold Rally Displaying Obituaries of Dead People Who Supposedly Voted In the Election

On Sunday night, Axios reported that lame-duck President Donald Trump is planning to hold a rally brandishing obituaries of people he claims voted in the election after their deaths. Trump vowed on Saturday to legally challenge the outcome of the election after President-Elect Joe Biden was declared the next president of the United States.

Axios reported that four Trump advisers revealed the president’s intentions during a conference call on Sunday afternoon.

Voters’ obituaries will be presented as “specific pieces of evidence” used to support Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the election was stolen, and that results were tainted by fraud, corruption and “illegal votes.”

A CNN fact-check has found that the claim purported by some Republicans that dead people voted in the election “fell apart under scrutiny.”

Biden has been projected to win 290 electoral votes and won more than 4 million more votes than Trump, solidifying his place as the most voted-for presidential candidate in history.

Republicans are also likely to file more recount requests soon as vote-counting is completed around the country.

The Trump team will also hold campaign-style rallies to bolster efforts to overturn the electoral outcome, with such events aimed at states like Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Nationally, a team of surrogates and lawyers is being assembled.

“Team Trump” is formally composed of 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien, lawyer Justin Clark, and senior advisers Jason Miller and David Bossie.

One adviser said the Trump messaging center will “produce regular press briefings, releases on legal action and obviously things like talking points and booking people strategically on television.”

On Twitter, the Team Trump account has encouraged citizens to call the hotline to help stop supposed voter suppression, irregularities and fraud. “Tell us what you’re seeing,” the tweets read.

Over the weekend, Trump’s voter fraud hotline reportedly was flooded by pranksters mocking him over Biden’s victory before hanging up.

The team is also looking to raise money for its legal defense fund, but donations may also be used to settle campaign debt.

“We all have the same goal in mind, which is using the legal process over the next many days and weeks ahead to make sure that the president is re-elected,” one adviser said.

Experts say it is very unlikely Trump will be able to to change the results or alter the outcome of the election.

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