‘WAYYYYYY BETTER THAN THE BLONDE HAIR’: Ayesha Curry Rocks Bantu Knots for Magazine Shoot

Ayesha Curry is out with the old and in with a new hairdo. On Wednesday, Oct. 28, she took to Instagram to reveal the new cover for the holiday issue of her magazine Sweet July. Although she was the cover of the magazine, her Bantu knot hairstyle was one of the highlights of the photo. 

In the photo, Curry stands with her hands behind her back, looking directly into the camera. For her makeup, she wears a simple maroon-colored lipstick. Her hair, first braided into small individual braids, was gathered and styled into Bantu knots with one braid falling effortlessly in front of her face. 


One fan wrote, “Wowwww she looks gorgeous.”

“She’s Gorgeous. The hair style makes her look event younger,” another fan said. 

“For the culture. She did what needed to be done,” another added. 

Other people believed that this hairstyle was a better fit for the 31-year-old than the previous one. 


Ayesha Curry shows off new blond wig. (Photo: @ayeshacurry/Instagram)

On Oct. 18, Curry debuted her blond hair with a boomerang post of herself and her husband. Fans were not hesitant to share their opinions about the look in the comments section. Many made statements about how they confused her for a white woman at first glance. But others came to her defense and said that she looked good with the blond hair. 

After seeing this hairstyle, several people believe Curry looked good in both styles.

One person said, “She’s beautiful regardless blonde or bantu knots…y’all just be miserable in these comments  honestly.”

Another believed that, “She was cute with the blonde but this is Queen energy.”

“I loved the blonde! But she slays every look,” said another admirer.

The mother of three originally launched the Sweet July magazine in April of this year. In the magazine are topics relating to lifestyle and food. For its readers, the publication is meant to be “a trusted guide and source of inspiration for living your life to its fullest.”

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