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Alexis Skyy Flaunts Her New Rack After Recent Breast Enhancements, Fans Enjoy the View

Alexis Skyy debuted her new rack to fans and followers by uploading pictures of herself in her bikini on Oct. 23.

The photos show Skyy outside at what looks like a resort rocking long red tresses and a glittery silver bikini. Included in the shots were a green Chanel bag and green Chanel slides to match right next to her. In the first picture the mother of one is kneeling and casting an aloof look away from the camera, but in the second she’s all smiles, looking directly at the camera and posing in profile with her butterfly tattoo on her backside on full display.

Alexis Skyyy taking in a little sun. (Photo: alexisskyy_/Instagram)

She wrote, “Just bought some new TIttiessss.”

Fans praised Skyy in the comments for her look.

One wrote, “absolutely perfection.”

Another added, It’s the waist for me.”

Alexis Skyy looking pleased to flaunt her assets. (Photo: @alexisskyy_/Instagram)

One of her supporters typed, “Hey Ariel,” making a comparison between the Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and Skyy’s red hair.  

Others looked beyond Skyy and proceeded to comment on the people in the background.

“Them white people probably like ‘What in the world’ lmaooo,” one fan joked.

Someone else said, “Dude in the background on the 2nd pic looking like he wanna eat u instead of what’s on his plate haha.”

Some even commented on the new breasts.

One said, “New (.)(.) look great.”

“And they pretty,” another fan agreed.

A person asked, “Love them what size did u get I just got mine done few months ago but gurl u making me want them bigger.”

Skyy took to her IG Story this month to share with her followers the reason behind her getting her breasts redone.

Dressed in her surgical attire, she recorded a video saying, “I’m about to get my boobs redone. It’s been six years.” She continued, “My left boob had ruptured, so now I’m about to change my bags out. Stay tuned.”

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