‘Marley About to Pull a Beyoncé and Go Solo’: Eva Marcille Shows Off Her Kids’ Musical Talents In New Video

Eva Marcille had fans hollering on Saturday evening after she shared a video of her kids’ musical talents.

The mother of three — Marley Rae, 6, Michael Jr., 2, and Maverick, 1 — captioned the Oct. 17 Instagram post “The Sterlings🌻 Marley keep the band together… Maverick stop, Mikey don’t be a gangster or a wankster…🤷🏽‍♀️.” 

Eva Marcille. (Photo: @evamarcille/Instagram)

The video shows Eva asking her children if they were ready to show her what they have been working on following their band practice. But things started to turn sour after her two sons began fighting because Maverick wanted to play with Michael’s drum set rather than his own. When Marley tried “getting her band together” mediation by physically removing Maverick and placing him in front of his drums, the 1-year-old wasn’t having it. He went back to his brother and began trying to dismantle everything after not getting his way, to which Eva intervened by stating he can’t be “wankster or a gangster” when things don’t pan out in his favor. Fans couldn’t stop laughing over the adorable upload. 

“If idgaf was a lil person.”

“Too funny Maverick is in charge 😂😂😂😂.”

“Lol, gangster, wangster 😂😂.”

“Marley about to pull a Beyonce and go solo.😂😂”

“I’m Hollering 😂😂.”

Music isn’t the only talent Eva’s daughter Marley displays. The “America’s Next Top Model” alum has shared on several occasions on Instagram that her eldest child also is passionate about photography and videography. Back in March, the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star shared a video that her 6-year-old documented while the mother of three was building a bounce house amid the national self-quarantine.

She captioned the post, “So I just looked in my phone and I found this video that Marley took… I had absolutely no idea she was even filming me. I guess she’s documenting our time here on our #coronacation trying to put up her bouncy house… What are you and yours up to? 🌻” 

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