“Nah She Glowed Up”:Alexis Skyyy Shares a Throwback Picture and Fans Are Going Ham Over The Star’s Previous Look

“Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Alexis Skyy gave many of her fans a good laugh on Thursday, Oct. 15, after the 26-year-old reality star shared her throwback yearbook photo.

Skyy, who was wearing a black senior drape complemented with hoop earrings, captioned the Oct. 15 upload, “Young lex.”Although no other information was disclosed regarding the location, or the year of when the picture was taken, that didn’t stop many fans from throwing shade at the reality star’s former look before fame and fortune.

Alexis Skyy shares yearbook photo. @alexisskyy/Instagram

“Nah she GLOWED UP idc”

“Ion know which one worse .. the bang or the line eyebrows”

“You look like you was a hot Cheeto girls😭.”

“Not the bang sis😭😭❤️.”

“The original version… yet u still felt need to be the body morphing power ranger.”

One fan responded in relation to the young star’s yearbook caption, “Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possible,” which was originally coined by actress Aubrey Hepburn. “She already know she was going to be famous 1 day lol,” the social media user wrote.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy @alexisskyy_/Instagram

Skyy has come a long way in looks and in life. She is known for sharing these looks, her physical features especially, with followers through jaw-dropping bikini shots that show off her hourglass figure. In September, the “LHH: LA” alum wore a designer multicolored two-piece string bikini with turquoise scandals and a matching bag. She captioned the Sept. 22 post that generated 155,000 likes, “She only wear pucci to swim 😘.”

A mother of one, the entrepreneur welcomed her 2-year-old daughter Alaiya Grace Maxwell in 2018 with her ex, “Trap Queen” rapper Fetty Wap. The model delivered her daughter three months prior to her expected date. She revealed in an Instagram photo that she was being monitored heavily because of the early labor. She captioned the post, “They’re gonna have me in the hospital for a long time and I just pray that everything do good. She’s okay, she’s fine.” Skyy underwent a C-section and gave birth to her baby girl, who was born weighing just over 1 pound according to US magazine.

Despite the ridicule, the beefs and the legal drama Alexis may have faced in the past, she seems to find her way of the darkness by solely focusing on two things, making money and taking care of her daughter.

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