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‘Take Me to the Polls…or Poles’: Fans Go Wild After Michael B. Jordan Shares Shirtless Photo Encouraging Fans to Vote

Election day is just a few weeks away, and this general election may arguably be one of the most important in American history. Celebrities and influencers alike have been using their platform to boost voter registration and offer reminders about the importance of voting in general. 

Most recently, actor Michael B. Jordan used one of his more natural assets to implore his fans to go to the voting polls. On Tuesday, Oct. 13, the “Blank Panther” star took to his social media platforms, where he shared a shirtless photo of himself biting his bottom lip. “Vote Early ✅ 🗳,” the actor captioned the snap. The patriotic post received over 600,000 likes and over 10,000 comments from fans who went wild over the seductive flick. Along with the picture, the “Creed” star also included useful voting tips, including a reminder to fill out your census and make sure to request your ballot. 

Michael B. Jordan posts a thirst trap to motivate people to vote early. @michaelbjordan/Instagram

Folks could not contain themselves over the actor’s post, including one person who wrote, “That’s a thirst trap to get people to vote. I dig it.” Another user jokingly commented, “😰😰😰😰😨😨 Im not American but some how imma vote now.”

A third person wrote, “Not sure what the first picture has to do with voting, but I’m sold. Take me to the polls.. or poles whichever since we’re multitasking here 😂.”

“What is this thirst-trap voting propaganda? and where do I get more,” a fourth commented. Luckily for them, actor Sterling K. Brown entered the chat. Not sure how this little number went unnoticed, but last month the “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” actor was spotted on Twitter partaking in a bit of thirst trapping himself. On Sept. 22, the “This Is Us” star shared a mirror selfie of himself showing off his impressive eight-pack. “Like what you see? There’s more where this came from…” the actor captioned the steamy photo. 

The post received over 11,000 likes from fans who thought the actor had created an OnlyFans account, including one person who tweeted, “I knew what to expect, but I clicked anyway. Just in case…”

However, when fans clicked on the link, it redirected them to The website, formerly known as Long Distance Voter, is a nonpartisan 501 non-profit organization founded in January 2008.  The site’s mission is to provide information regarding all things relating to voting, including registration, polling locations, and even how to volunteer as a poll worker.

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