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Ludacris Unveils New Netflix Animated Series ‘Karma’s World’ Inspired By His Oldest Daughter

Rapper and actor Ludacris just got a ton of #GirlDad points. The Atlanta MC is serving as the executive producer of “Karma’s World,” a new CGI-animated series that was inspired by his oldest daughter, Karma Bridges. It is set to debut on Netflix.

The series is about Karma Grant, a 10-year-old Black girl who is an “aspiring musical artist and rapper with big talent and an even bigger heart,” according to the official press release.

Ludacris celebrates his first born, Karma Christine Bridges’, high school graduation. Photo: @ludacris/Instagram)

Karma is further described as a “smart, resilient, and deeply empathetic” soul with “passion, courage and her signature brand of humor.” Throughout the series she learns the power her words and music can have to change the world.    

Geared towards kids ages 6 to 9, “Karma’s World” is based on “an interactive educational website of the same name.” The Netflix order includes 40 11-minute episodes.

Ludacris, whose birth name is Chris Bridges, is producing the series through his company Karma’s World Entertainment in partnership with 9 Story Media Group. The “Fast and Furious” franchise actor said the series has been “10 years in the making” in a tweet on Tuesday, Oct. 13. He added that his latest endeavor was about legacy.

“I’ve had a lot of accomplishments in my life, but everything that I’ve experienced seems to have led up to this point to where I can leave a legacy for all my daughters. ‘Karma’s World’ is one of those legacies,” Ludacris said in a statement about the series. “I hope this series will show kids that there are many ways to overcome difficult situations. This show is going to move hip hop culture forward, and show young girls that they have the power to change the world. This project has been a long time in the making and I can’t wait to bring Karma’s World to the entire world.”

Music for the series includes original songs created and supervised by Ludacris and James Bennet Jr. and produced by Gerald Keys. Through the songs, the show will tackle issues including “self-esteem, body positivity, discrimination, creativity, expressing emotions, friendship, family, leadership, celebrating differences and more.”

One Twitter user congratulated Ludacris on his latest venture and said they wished they had a father like him.

“Awesome,” the user wrote with an applause emoji. “ [I] wish I had a connected dad when I was younger. U can tell she’s going to have a bright future. God bless ur family always love u Ludacris.”

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